Specialty Knives by Jeronimo Coll

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Product description: Expertly tooled leather, in pleasing shades of tan, beige, or rich sienna, is crafted into a range of enchanting goods at the hands of Argentinian master artisan, Jerónimo Coll. He is perhaps best known for the knives and dining sets he makes. With handles of finely sewn leather in alternating colors and meticulous patterns, they’re suitable for a king’s table. Each of Coll’s works are crafted as treasures for a lifetime.

Use: Each order comes with the knife, a custom made rawhide sheath, a custom made hardwood case, and a handmade display rack. These knives can be displayed indoors as prestigious works of arts worthy of to hold space on a collectors shelf. They are also durable enough to be carried day to day and used regularly. Traditionally carried by El Gauchos (South American Cowboys).

History: Heir to one of the most autochthonous Argentine arts, Jerónimo Coll has been in charge for years of taking his works around the world in recognized exhibitions and samples, thus contributing to the knowledge and dissemination of these Creole arts that he learned from the hand of his father, the recognized Master Soguero Máximo P. Coll. Based on ancestral techniques, Máximo P. Coll, together with his family, dedicated himself, over more than 50 years, to improving and refining these processes, tirelessly seeking excellence in this noble raw material.

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