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Wild Caught Alaskan Sablefish (8oz)


Indulge in the exquisite flavor and velvety texture of our wild-caught Alaskan Sablefish. Weighing approximately 8 oz, these fish, also known as butterfish or black cod, live up to their name with their high oil content, providing a silky consistency and incredible flavor reminiscent of Chilean Sea Bass. It's no wonder that this fish has become a favorite among seafood enthusiasts and our team members.

Physical Description: Our Alaskan Sablefish boasts a rich flavor profile and a velvety texture that sets it apart. With its high oil content, it delivers a luscious and buttery experience that will leave you longing for more. The exceptional taste and texture of this fish make it a standout choice.

Cooking: For the perfect preparation, cook the Sablefish until it reaches a well-done stage or starts to flake. Even for those who tend to overcook fish, this is a foolproof choice that guarantees a satisfying result. Our favorite method is marinating it with a blend of white miso, sake, mirin, and sugar, which enhances its already delightful flavor. However, Sablefish is delicious no matter how simply it is prepared. Whether grilled, pan-seared, baked, or even smoked, it promises to deliver a mouthwatering experience. When smoked, its texture becomes so tender that it practically melts in your mouth.

Nutrition Information: Alongside its delectable taste, Sablefish offers exceptional nutritional benefits. It is rich in healthy fats and packed with omega-3 fatty acids such as EHA and DPA. These beneficial fats contribute to improved brain function, respiratory health, and heart health. Furthermore, Sablefish is an excellent source of protein and selenium, making it a nutritious choice for those seeking a well-rounded diet.

Fishing Practices: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our sourcing of 100% wild and natural Alaskan Sablefish, free from any additives. Thriving in the pristine and cold waters of Alaska, these fish are a far more sustainable choice compared to Chilean Sea Bass. Our fishery operates with responsible practices, ensuring the return of tens of millions of salmon each year and abiding by regulations and laws that prioritize sustainability.

Experience the unrivaled flavor, exceptional nutrition, and sustainable sourcing of our wild-caught Alaskan Sablefish. Delight in its buttery richness and savor each bite, knowing that you are making a conscious and responsible choice for your palate and the environment.