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Bison Tallow (16 oz)


100% Pasture Raised Bison Tallow - Ethically Sourced and Nutrient-Rich Our Bison Tallow is meticulously handcrafted using free-range, pastured, grass-fed, grass-finished bison fat. Each package contains approximately 16 oz of this high-quality tallow. We take great pride in offering bison that is ethically raised, free-roaming, and as close to its wild heritage as possible. Bison is a remarkable animal that provides numerous health benefits, and we are honored to share its treasures with you.

Culinary Excellence and Versatility: Derived from rendering the fat of bison over low heat, our Bison Tallow yields pure, high-quality fat free from muscle or connective tissue. It boasts an exceptionally high smoke point, making it perfect for cooking at high temperatures. With an impressive shelf life, it outlasts other cooking oils without spoiling or going rancid. The flavor it imparts is rich and delicious, making it a superb substitute for butter or oil in any recipe. Many of our Beck & Bulow employees even enjoy adding it to their coffee, following the popular bulletproof coffee trend.

Nutritional Powerhouse and Essential Vitamins: Our bodies require fat to effectively absorb essential vitamins A, D, and E, which contribute to brain function, immunity, and provide antioxidants. Bison tallow is a nutrient-dense superfood, offering these vital vitamins in abundance. Bison is known for its exceptional nutritional profile, and consuming bison tallow is one of the greatest health benefits it provides. Unfortunately, the use of unhealthy seed-based oils has overshadowed the nutritional value of tallow, as these oils are mass-produced at low costs without considering their long-term impact on health.

Beauty Benefits and Skincare: Tallow has a rich history of being used for beauty purposes, but its benefits were temporarily forgotten with the rise of chemical and petroleum-based ingredients. However, thanks to the resurgence of the paleo diet and lifestyle, this remarkable substance is regaining recognition. Due to its similarity to the oils naturally present in our skin, bison tallow is highly absorbent and does not clog pores. It makes an excellent ingredient for balms and ointments, providing nourishment and moisture to the skin.

By incorporating bison tallow into your culinary repertoire and skincare routine, you embrace a versatile and nutrient-rich ingredient that aligns with your values of ethical sourcing and personal well-being. Rediscover the wonders of bison and experience the exceptional flavor, health benefits, and beauty enhancements that bison tallow has to offer. Stock up on our Bison Tallow, as it is highly sought after and tends to sell out quickly.