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From 10 Years As A Vegetarian to an Enthusiastic Meat Eater

From 10 Years As A Vegetarian to an Enthusiastic Meat Eater

After 10 years of eating a strict vegetarian diet, I have officially turned into a full on carnivore. It took some time to come around to the idea of eating meat, but honestly I was not feeling well and needed to do something about it. Looking back, I was definitely hung up on ‘good’ vibes only, no violence and thinking meat was bad for the environment. No matter what my activism was fueled by, at the end of the day I was tired, hungry and NOT feeling the good vibes.

From 10 Years As A Vegetarian to an Enthusiastic Meat Eater - Beck & Bulow

I first became health conscious shortly after graduating high school. I was chugging full glasses of green juice, chomping on salad bowls and filling up on trail mix. I was exceeding my calorie intake and still feeling under-nourished. I was never overweight but always felt inflamed and bloated. Instead of considering my thought process around food and life in general, I would go all in with the latest fad vegan cleanse. Hello health neurosis.

After the cleanse my overall energy levels were great. I felt successful. I was caught in a cycle. When I would get back in the daily grind, my energy levels would drop and my bloat would creep back in. This lifestyle was extreme and costly. Finally, I surrendered my hands and knew something had to change. I no longer could afford to spend money, all my time grocery shopping and in the kitchen without any stability to show for it. There had to be a sustainable way to truly nourish my body.

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I have always believed nature provides us the answer we seek. I was beginning to take a look at the way I thought about food and where it comes from. It was my mind and my thought paradigm that was causing the hassle. At this point I was desperate, my health was unbalanced and it showed in a lot of areas in my life.

One morning a good friend of mine was making a traditional meal. It was a super simple meal consisting of only a few main ingredients.

One of those ingredients was sauteed bison heart he had received from a meat delivery service. I jumped over my mind and went in for it. What did I have to lose? I can’t exactly describe what the first experience was like after a decade of not eating meat. It was a mix of feelings and sensations, but I did go in for a second serving. I knew it was good for me. I began to experiment more and more. I noticed the benefits right away. I began to search for the best grass fed meat delivery service and began to specify exactly what I was looking for.

From 10 Years As A Vegetarian to an Enthusiastic Meat Eater - Beck & Bulow

I work here at Beck & Bulow now because I believe in the lifestyle. Animals are a part of the ecosystem and death is a part of life. It has been years now that I have incorporated meat into my daily life. Some of the benefits are extremely obvious. My energy levels, weight and overall happiness has stabilized. I won’t say meat is a cure all.

However, including high nutrient dense meat packed with vitamins and minerals has benefited me tremendously. If you are looking for premium meat delivery, then look no further. I wouldn’t have experienced such a shift if I wasn’t open to it. With today’s accessibility for premium meat delivery there are no excuses. The highest quality meat delivered right to your doorstep.

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From 10 Years As A Vegetarian to an Enthusiastic Meat Eater - Beck & Bulow

Since I made the switch to eating quality meat, my quality in life changed with it. I am sustained throughout the day. I am not eating as much, spending less time in the kitchen, thoroughly enjoying my meals and my weight has stabilized. I haven’t had one thought about going back to a vegetarian diet. If you are considering incorporating meat into your diet, I hope you at least try it out.

Some recommendations would be to start out with bone broth, cooking with bison tallow, or to just go for a juicy, satisfying steak. After I got used to eating meat, which did not take long at all, I began to enjoy organ meats. I really noticed the large amount of vitamins and minerals in the organ meats. My body was instantly appreciative. As many diets and cleanses I have done, since eating meat I have never felt so well nourished. There is a reason we say that once you go bison, you don’t go back.

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