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Bison Meat: A Potent Sexual Health Tonic

Bison Meat: A Potent Sexual Health Tonic

Sexuality is an intrinsic aspect of being human. It helps us to have healthy intimate relationships and plays an important role in our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. However, in modern times it’s common to experience difficulty in this area. Perhaps it’s a result of increased stress, pollution, or how far we’ve strayed from the way that humans once lived. Whatever the cause, we believe bison meat in many forms to be a valuable tonic for sexual health.

Bison Meat: A Potent Sexual Health Tonic - Beck & Bulow

Because none of us at Beck & Bulow are doctors or scientists, all of these insights are purely our opinions and are not to be considered medical advice in any way. And if you’ve been wondering
where to buy buffalo meat, look no further. Beck & Bulow bison is the absolute best quality available. It’s always important to eat high quality meat, but especially when you’re looking to receive benefits like the ones discussed in this post.

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High Quality Bison Meat Straight To Your Door

Blood flow is a key element for healthy sexual response in both men and women. This not only helps sexual organs to perform optimally, but prolongs feelings of desire. Carnitine and arginine are amino acids which are necessary to improve and maintain optimal unrestricted blood flow in our bodies. Bison is an excellent source of both. Omega-3 fatty acids also enhance blood flow, making it possible for arteries to relax.

Bison meat is chock full of these sought after healthy fats. Zinc is well known for being an absolutely essential nutrient for sexual vigor. It plays the very important role of helping the body produce testosterone and sperm. It also increases general energy levels by creating beneficial thyroid hormones.

Bison Meat: A Potent Sexual Health Tonic - Beck & Bulow

More energy is always a great thing for improving your sex life. Furthermore, zinc is excellent for strengthening the immune system, and we all know nobody feels sexy when they’re sick. The organ meat we offer is an even richer source of these valuable nutrients. Many say that a healthy heart is one of the best indicators of sexual health. In traditional Chinese medicine, there’s a well-known adage that proclaims one should eat the organ they wish to heal.

At Beck & Bulow, we agree with that philosophy. Bison heart
contains concentrated amounts of an antioxidant known as CoQ10 which is great for heart health, slows down aging and improves energy levels. Since the heart is a muscular organ, you get the best of both worlds. It has an excellent taste and texture and is delicious grilled to rare or medium rare just like a bison steak.

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Eating Bison Has Amazing Benefits

So, for those unfamiliar with the terminology, Rocky Mountain oysters don’t come from the ocean. They’re bison testicles. Yes, for eating. They’re surprisingly delicious and can really help to enhance sexual function. The ancient Romans were big fans of consuming gonads to help with ailments of the male sexual organs. They were also prized as a potent aphrodisiac. Bison testicles are an especially plentiful source of zinc, making them extra powerful for boosting testosterone.

Bison Meat: A Potent Sexual Health Tonic - Beck & Bulow

Aside from the nutrients and minerals provided, there’s the fact that the testicles are the source of sexual energy for the bison. Incredibly tough and vigorous animals, our bison possess that indescribable force that makes wild animals so primal and in tune with their natural instincts. It’s easy to envision how consuming the testicles of these bison could have profound effects on your sexual health. We suggest you try it out and feel the difference for yourself.

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Delicious Bison From The Best Meat Delivery Service

Imagine you’re a powerful, robust male bison living on the ranch, wild and free the way nature intended. It’s mating season, also known as the rut. Testosterone courses through your veins and you will stop at nothing to get to the females. Charging through fences is a common occurrence during this electrically charged time of year. When we consume meat, we take on the energy of the animal. Our bison live to the fullest of their potential in every way. Amazingly, we can assimilate this raw sexual energy into our beings when we eat bison meat.

Eating Raw OR Minimally Cooked Meat

Nothing is more primal than eating raw meat. Picture the famous hunt scene in Dances With Wolves where the main character takes a bite of the buffalo heart, dripping with fresh warm blood. The rush of adrenaline and testosterone is tangible. Red meat is full of iron and nutrients whether it’s consumed cooked or raw.

However, the raw meat contains a life force energy that gives us an incomparably powerful primal vigor. We recommend making a carpaccio or tartare from our bison tenderloin. It’s incredibly delicious and will have you feeling that primal charge in no time. If raw bison meat isn’t your thing, burgers or steaks cooked rare or medium rare can have this same effect.

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The consumption of the bloody meat allows us to experience this sexual energy in its pure form. Just think about blood. It’s positively vibrating with life force, and we’re able to absorb this primal substance very quickly and efficiently in its unaltered natural state. If you’ve been wondering where to buy buffalo meat, Beck & Bulow bison has the nutrition, taste and energetic qualities that make it better than any other meat available. Check out our website to browse our offerings and place your order for this life changing bison meat.