Bison Tallow



Our bison tallow is handcrafted with 100% pastured grass fed grass finished bison fat. Approximately 16 oz.

At Beck & Bulow, we find that the health benefits of eating bison seem to be never ending. The more you learn about the rich nutrient content of every part of this animal, the clearer it becomes that bison contains a treasure trove of health benefits. We’re proud to know that our grass-fed, grass-finished meat is the absolute highest quality, ethically raised and wild or as close to it as you can get. Our bison tallow flies off the shelves, so if you see it in stock be sure to order extra. Once you try it, you won’t be able to go without.

Bison tallow is rendered fat, cooked over low heat so that it separates from bits of muscle and connective tissue. This ensures that nothing but pure bison fat is left behind. Tallow is great for cooking at high temperatures because it has a very high smoke point. It also has an impressive shelf life and won’t go rancid like other cooking oils. It gives food a rich, delicious flavor and can be substituted for butter or oil in any recipe. In fact, one of our employees here at Beck & Bulow loves to mix it into his coffee, bulletproof style.

Our bodies require fat in order to absorb vitamins A, D, & E. These vitamins are incredibly important for our bodies to function properly. Supporting everything from brain function, to immunity, to providing antioxidants, you want your body to receive an abundant supply of these nutrients. Tallow is a potent superfood, and one of the greatest health benefits of eating bison. Not so long ago, it was a kitchen staple. However, it’s been replaced over the years by unhealthy oils from seeds due to their cheap manufacturing costs. Large companies once considered them a waste product. They’re now sold to consumers as cooking oils with no consideration for long-term effects on health.

Tallow has a long history of being used for beauty. However, the advent of chemical and petroleum-based ingredients caused many of these uses to be temporarily forgotten. It’s a truly old-school secret ingredient for balms and ointments of all kinds. Thanks to a rise in the paleo diet and lifestyle, this amazing substance is finding growing popularity. Because it comes from the body of another mammal, our skin absorbs tallow better than any other oil. For this same reason, it does not clog pores as it is nearly identical to the oils in our own skin.

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