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100% Sustainably Raised Grass fed bison

Physical Description: The bison heart is an impressive sight to see and bursting with nutrients. Approximately 3-3.5 pounds per package.

Cooking: The bison heart is delicious when cooked and eaten like a steak, especially if soaked in a salt brine overnight. We also love to cut up the heart into chunks for pasta or stew. Because it’s a muscular organ, the texture and taste are more similar to the muscle meat most people are used to eating.

Nutrition Information: This organ is a rich source of folate, iron, selenium and zinc and contains twice the amount of collagen as regular meat. It is the number one food source of copper and provides an abundance of B-complex vitamins including B2, B6 and B12. There is evidence to support that B-complex vitamins us can maintain healthy blood pressure and benefit the brain. These nutrients have also been shown to help to reduce risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia, anxiety and depression. The heart meat contains the highest known amounts of an antioxidant known as CoQ10 which is great for heart health, slows down aging and improves energy levels..

Farming Practices: Raised on an oasis of crystal clear natural springs, rolling green hills and vibrant blue skies. We are blessed to bring you the highest quality of bison from the best place to order high quality meat online. Never administered antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones.

Butchering Philosophy: Our bison are butchered by an amazing community of Amish farmers in Colorado. These farmers have known each other their whole lives and put the highest level of care towards each and every animal. Five people work on one animal at a time. Every single piece of high quality meat is cut by hand and trimmed with expert precision. You will notice a difference in the energy and quality when you order this fresh meat for delivery. These animals spend their final days in the foothills of snowy, jagged mountain peaks that line the horizon behind fields of lush green grass.  These farmers and their land contribute to us being the best online meat delivery service.

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