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Ideal Cooking Guide: Cooking with Fats, Utensils & Care

Ideal Cooking Guide: Cooking with Fats, Utensils & Care

Let’s get into the basics of cooking equipment, what fats are best to use, and what to do after you receive your premium meat delivery. The weather is cooling down here in Santa Fe. Grills are getting their last hoorays in for the season and we are beginning to have indoor cooking on our minds. There are plenty of options to explore when cooking indoors, but sticking to the basics is a tried and true way to make a successful dish. What we cook our meat with is one of the most important choices to make. Not all oils should be treated the same when it comes to temperature. Some oils and fats can be used at higher temperatures than others.

Ideal Cooking Guide Cooking with Fats, Utensils & Care - Beck & Bulow

For flavor, we recommend staying away from cooking with refined oils. Our personal, hands down favorite is bison tallow. Bison tallow can be used at up to 500° Fahrenheit. Most oils can only take a certain temperature and once they reach their maximum heat, the oil starts releasing a substance called acrolein which produces a rancid taste. When using the stovetop or oven, it’s recommended to heat up your fat before placing your meat in the pan or skillet.

Be sure to store tallow and oil away from the stove top to avoid unnecessary heat. Cooking the right fat with your meal is crucial, or else you risk ruining the flavor of your meat. With a premium meat delivery service, you’re getting quality meat at your doorstep and you don’t want to mess it up with something as simple as using the wrong cooking oil. Buffalo tallow is tasty, versatile and can handle high temperatures.

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Ideal Cooking Guide Cooking with Fats, Utensils & Care - Beck & Bulow

Once you have the right fat or oil to cook with, then there’s the matter of what to cook your meat in. Here at Beck & Bulow we love our cast irons, dutch ovens and electrical slow cookers. Cast irons and dutch ovens are great for cooking with high temperatures. The cast iron is my personal favorite for quickly searing cuts like steaks and burgers. Cast irons retain heat and can continue to get hotter more quickly than other materials, so it is a great idea to slightly lower the temperatures when cooking with this kitchen tool.

My latest obsession this season is the dutch oven. Yes, move aside, Instant Pot. The Instant Pot and electrical slow cookers are great for when I want something ready when I get home or when I don’t have time to be in the kitchen. Also, for anyone who is new to our meat delivery and trying new cuts of meat, an electrical slow cooker could be a great way to try something new. However, the dutch oven is hands down what I am most excited to use this coming winter. These can be used on the stovetop or in the oven. They retain the heat evenly, making them ideal for those slow cook items you receive in your meat delivery.

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Ideal Cooking Guide Cooking with Fats, Utensils & Care - Beck & Bulow

Having the right tools on hand can enhance your experience in the kitchen. Besides dutch ovens, cast irons and using the right fats, there are a few things you can add to your kitchen lineup to make the most out of the best online meat delivery service. A meat thermometer is a great utensil to ensure perfect results every time. It is a great friend to have on hand when you are unsure exactly when your meat is ready to take off the heat. A meat thermometer ensures that you do not over or under cook your meat.

It only makes sense to have great knives and a butcher’s block ready to go with when working with quality meat. A butcher’s block is advantageous because it has enough weight that your cutting surface isn’t sliding around. Having a thick block of wood helps keep your knives sharp versus cutting on a granite slab or countertop. It is obvious why having good knives around helps with the kitchen experience. Some recommended knives for meat preparation are a meat cleaver, boning, carving, slicing, filet and the steak knife that we all know and love. Implementing the right set of knives for your kitchen needs can really make a difference, especially when cooking meat from the best online meat delivery service.

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Ideal Cooking Guide Cooking with Fats, Utensils & Care - Beck & Bulow

It is ideal to hand wash your knives and dry right away. Depending on the type of steel this will help to prevent rust. Knife magnets are a great way to store your knives and it is how our butcher stores his! The most effective way to clean a cast iron is with salt. While the cast iron is still warm, sprinkle it with salt and wipe with a paper towel to remove stubborn bits of food and then rinse with warm water. Every few months, season your cast iron by baking a layer of oil in the oven for one hour.

Ideal Cooking Guide Cooking with Fats, Utensils & Care - Beck & Bulow

For the butcher’s block, a block brush works well to remove any debris and then follow up by wiping with a clean, warm and damp cloth. It is not necessary or good to wash or soak the whole block. Be sure to use each side of the block so that one side does not get overused. Picture this - The dutch oven is in the cabinets, the well seasoned cast iron is on the stove. Knives are sharpened on the wall magnet just waiting to be used. The butcher's block is sitting on the counter next to your oil and tallow…the doorbell rings, and it’s your meat box from the best online meat delivery service. You’re fully prepared and ready to cook amazing meals from the comfort of your home.