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Eating Meat: It Made Us Human, And Makes Us Smarter

Eating Meat: It Made Us Human, And Makes Us Smarter

At Beck & Bulow, we often are amazed at the massive potential that meat can have for improving health. Whether you choose elk meat, wild boar, lamb, bison or grass-fed beef, it can truly be life-changing. The effects that a meat-based diet has had on the human brain might span further than you think. There’s evidence to suggest that eating meat was the impetus for a massive increase in brain growth, playing a key role in the evolution of humans.

Grass-fed red meat is an amazing source of iron, which is essential for brain growth in the womb. Although many plants contain iron, it’s often less bio-available than the form found in meat. Our bodies absorb iron from meat more readily than any other source.

Eating Meat: It Made Us Human, And Makes Us Smarter - Beck & Bulow

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High Quality Meat Produces High Quality Health

Basically, we wouldn’t have the brains we do now without meat. This means that we would not exist as the humans we are today if we hadn’t developed the ability to consume meat as a food source. Studies show the dramatic brain development that took place over several million years would have been biologically impossible with a vegan, plant-based diet.

It’s not surprising that continuing to eat high quality, pasture raised meat can enhance brain function throughout the course of your life. We are proud to be able to make it possible for everyone to experience these benefits by offering our premium products online with home meat delivery service available.

There’s research from scientists studying gorillas that suggests meat is the cause for the difference between their brain function and that of humans. Compared to our body size, humans have extremely large brains that are exceptionally rich with neurons. Neurons are the basic working units of the brain, and high numbers make more complex brain functions possible. Gorillas have bodies three times the size of humans. Yet, their brains are smaller than ours and have only one third as many neurons.

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Neurons are created by the calories we consume, and gorillas already spend around 10 hours a day eating raw plant material to support their huge bodies. For their brains to evolve to the same neural capacity as humans, they would have to spend an additional two hours every day eating. Early hominids would have found themselves in a similar predicament if they had only eaten raw plants. This transition to less time spent chewing also allowed them to develop a smaller jaw and teeth, creating more room for a bigger brain and more refined speech organs.

Eating Meat: It Made Us Human, And Makes Us Smarter - Beck & Bulow

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The other key to the evolution of modern humans was when our prehistoric ancestors began cooking their meat. Raw food requires more energy to digest, and many nutrients, such as collagen, are made bio-available when they are heated. When meat is cooked, it breaks up long protein chains making them more easily digested by the enzymes in our stomachs.

It’s interesting to consider the strong cultural connection between cooking and spending time with loved ones. Cooking and eating food together helps us to form relationships and bond with other human beings. The thing that pushed us through our evolution still remains one of the most heartfelt and human activities in our lives. Something to think about next time you throw some steaks on the grill with your family.

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Nowadays, we need meat to maintain optimal brain function. And who’s to say that we won’t be making great evolutionary strides again at some point in the future? Meat is plentiful in vitamin B12, which is essential for preventing mental issues like fatigue, brain fog, nerve damage and a decrease in brain volume for older people. Vegans are deficient in vitamin B12 unless they regularly take a supplement. The brain is a fatty organ, comprised of about 60% fat. Omega-3 fatty acids are one of only nutrients that is specifically found in brain tissue. They are an essential structural and functional component of the brain.

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These healthy fats boost blood flow to the brain and directly enhance mental performance. A plentiful amount of omega-3 supports the prevention of cognitive impairments like dementia as the brain ages. Grass-fed meat contains less total fat than conventionally raised meat, while providing much higher levels of omega-3’s. Although many people consider fish to be the best source of this essential nutrient, grass-fed meat is nutritionally superior. This is due to the fact that it has become increasingly more difficult to source fish that is not laden with mercury and toxins. Antioxidants in grass-fed meat protect our brains against damage from free radicals.

Eating Meat: It Made Us Human, And Makes Us Smarter - Beck & Bulow

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At Beck & Bulow, we’re proud to know that we’re the best place to buy meat online. We believe meat is sacred, and honor where our food comes from. All of the red meat we offer is grass-fed, grass-finished, and wild or as close to it as you can get. We love the fact that our meat allows people to continue to eat in the primal ways that made humans become what we are today. Browse our selections today for our offerings of elk meat, bison, lamb, wild boar, grass-fed beef and chicken.