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Tips For Transitioning Away From Vegetarianism

Tips For Transitioning Away From Vegetarianism

It can be a really big step to start eating meat again after choosing a vegetarian or vegan diet for a significant period of time. I know from experience, I used to be vegan. Much of this transition is psychological. Many of us chose a meat free diet because we believed that we were doing the right thing for the animals and the planet.

Others are worried about how their bodies will acclimate to consuming meat or other animal products when you’re used to exclusively digesting plant based foods. However, this transition doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Many of us on the Beck & Bulow team were vegan or vegetarian at some point in our lives, and now we all feel strongly about the way that our meat benefits the earth, the animals, and the lives of everyone who eats it.

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Tips For Transitioning Away From Vegetarianism - Beck & Bulow

Adjusting To Digesting Meat

One of the most common worries people have when transitioning to eating quality meat is digestion. Some worry that their bodies will no longer be able to properly digest meat. If you’ve been vegetarian for a few years or less, this likely won’t be an issue anyways. But even people who have not eaten meat for many years can easily transition back to an omnivorous diet. If you’re nervous about digestion, start out by prepping your stomach.

Prepping Your Gut Can Help

Fermented foods and probiotic supplements can help you get your gut ready for the switch in your diet. Bone broth is the perfect thing to start out with. It’s super soothing to the gut tissues and helps to ease digestion, so this meat product was practically made for this transition. After a week or so of consuming bone broth, you can start introducing solid meats. Order broth bones and fresh meat for delivery from Beck & Bulow.

Start Out Slow And Steady

When you’re ready to add in solid meat, try consuming it on its own for the first few times. This allows your digestive system to focus on breaking down the meat without having to simultaneously work on other foods in your system. It could be helpful to do this earlier in the day rather than later. Some people recommend using a marinade for the meat that contains vinegar or another acid to help tenderize the meat, making it easier to digest.

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Tips For Transitioning Away From Vegetarianism - Beck & Bulow

High Quality Meat Improves Digestion Over Time

The thing most people don’t realize is that when you eat meat like ours, it often improves digestion over time. Since there’s none of the toxins or chemicals found in factory farmed meat, and far more nutrients and protein, this food is actually very easily digested and absorbed by our bodies. In act, many nutrients are present in meat in uniquely bioavailable forms that other sources can’t compare to. Have delicious meat delivered straight to your door and enjoy this nutrient rich superfood.

The Mental Shift

If you’ve decided that you’re going to start eating meat but still having hang ups over your perception of the morality of it, don’t worry. Many people have been in your shoes, including myself. What really changed things for me was when I learned more about how unsustainable veganism actually is. Yes, it’s true that factory farming is cruel, horrific and awful for the planet. When you order meat online from Beck & Bulow, you’re supporting practices that help to sustain the health of the planet.

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Sustainable Meat Is Beneficial For The Planet

Sustainable agricultural practices actually utilize the fact that grazing animals are beneficial for the soil health and our ecosystems. Sadly, many foods that are purchased en masse by vegans and vegetarians are extremely destructive to the environment. The mass production of coconut oil has caused more than one species to go extinct.

The production of quinoa is another morally questionable crop that is a heavily relied on protein source for many non meat eaters. When you support sustainable home delivery meat companies, you help to break away from these patterns.

Tips For Transitioning Away From Vegetarianism - Beck & Bulow

At Beck & Bulow, we’re passionate about providing meat from the best sources available. We believe that meat is sacred and care about where ours comes from. Our bison, elk, beef and lamb are free range - in fact, we go far beyond the labeling requirements. For meat to be labeled as free range, the animals just have to have some sort of access to the outdoors - and there’s not even a minimum time that this must be provided for them.

Ours are completely pasture raised, living essentially wild on 20,000-100,000 acre ranches. We work exclusively with
local butcher shops who handle every cut with precision and care. We hope you love this meat as much as we do, and we’re confident you’re going to taste and feel the difference.

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