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How I Became a Carnivorous Yogi

How I Became a Carnivorous Yogi

How I Became a Carnivorous Yogi - Beck & Bulow

We are excited to share this testimonial with you.

It comes from one of our clients who was generous enough to share how Beck and Bulow has played a role in her story of transformation.

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"There was a significant portion of my adult life where I thought I would never eat meat again. I was 100% confident that my vegan lifestyle was the most ethical and health conscious choice available to me. Being a yogi, I also believed it was an important key to my spiritual development.

It just goes to show that you really never know what changes life will bring your way, because I now eat meat every day and consider it to be a sacred medicine.

Enter Beck & Bulow.

I began to educate myself and realized that imported vegan food from faraway places was not the most sustainable choice. I discovered the massive amounts of water used to produce almond milk and the immense amounts of energy that went into making my incredibly specific diet available to me. The horrors of factory farming had been a major incentive for me to not consume meat.

It was life changing when I began to learn about the ways that the buffalo are beneficial for the earth and the history of how their numbers have been depleted here in their native land where they once were a vital part of the ecosystem. I learned how the native peoples of this country grew strong from the buffalo, made medicine from the buffalo and honored this sacred animal for its life giving properties. It came to my attention that by supporting ethically produced buffalo meat, we can help to bring the population back and look to
a future of restored balance in the way that God intended.

When I discovered that Beck & Bulow honor the buffalo in these same ways, I knew I had found a missing piece to my lifestyle and health. Thanks to this company, I was able to incorporate meat into my diet in a way that feeds my mind, body and spirit. I feel stronger than ever before as well as empowered by connecting with old ways of living in harmony with the land.

I am blown away every time by the quality and good feelings I get from the entire experience - from purchasing, to holding the package in my hands to cooking and eating this meat. I am so grateful to have access to this meat that I can feel truly good about in every way. I’m a converted vegan, a carnivorous yogi and I can’t imagine having it any other way now that I’ve experienced the goodness that real, good quality meat brings to my life."

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