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Beck & Bulow: What Sets Us Apart From The Best Meat Delivery Services

Beck & Bulow: What Sets Us Apart From The Best Meat Delivery Services

When browsing through the options available for the best meat delivery services, what most people are really looking for is how to order quality meats online with ease and confidence in the businesses we are supporting and their practices.

Beck & Bulow: What Sets Us Apart From The Best Meat Delivery Services - Beck & Bulow

When it comes to meat, sustainability is a prominent issue. The best thing a company can do for sustainability is to avoid having meat go bad. With any food item this would be a shame, but we would truly be sad to see any amount of our meat go to waste. Because of this, we have designed the most effective and efficient system to make sure your meat is incredibly fresh when it arrives at your doorstep. All of our meat is flash frozen and then shipped with dry ice in reusable coolers that maintain the temperature of frozen goods for up to seven days.

High Quality Meat Comes From Local Butchers

Our local butchers and their high levels of expertise are absolutely vital to the consistency and quality of our cuts of meat. Our bison is cut by second generation family butchers who work exclusively with bison. Their local, small scale practice allows for the care and attention to detail that our meat demands. We also work with butchers who are Amish farmers in Colorado. They have spent their entire lives perfecting their craft and bring an impeccable level of attentiveness to their work with five people working simultaneously on each animal.

Sustainability also holds a lot of weight when it comes to the way these animals are raised. All of our meat is grass-fed and grass-finished, and utilizes regenerative agricultural practices where the animals are strategically rotated from area to area in order to allow the grass to be left at a length that generates as much oxygen as possible to counteract carbon emissions.These days, the horrors of factory farming are relatively well known. We make a choice when we buy our meat whether we will support this extremely damaging industry, or buy meat that comes from a good source, raised humanely and with respect for the earth.

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Our ranch is just south of Madrid, New Mexico on 20,000 acres, an oasis of crystal clear natural springs, rolling green hills and vibrant blue skies. The buffalo have so much space to roam that it’s not always guaranteed you will catch a glimpse of them when visiting. Anyone who’s spent some time in New Mexico knows that it’s a pretty special place. One of the least populated states in the country, our air is clean and the land is pure, making our meat that much better.

How many pit stops does store bought food really make before arriving at your dinner table?

The answer might surprise you if you’re not familiar. It’s not uncommon for foods found in grocery stores to travel from the farm where they’re produced to a processing plant thousands of miles away. The journey doesn’t stop there. Many foods are then shipped across the country to be packaged. From there they are distributed around the world to different destinations to be sold in stores, finally arriving at your home on your dinner plate.

This incredible amount of travel costs us in many ways. The food loses its vibrancy and nutritional value as it zips around the globe in planes, trains and trucks. We also use an enormous amount of fossil fuels to facilitate all this transportation. It seems like an awfully high price to justify the “cheaper cost” of imported foods! Of all the imported foods that could be eaten, imported meat definitely seems like the least appealing. Meat that has traveled a long time, from far away and mysterious sources doesn’t seem like the best choice for health and happiness. It’s not uncommon for meat in the US to be imported from overseas.

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Have Meat Delivered Straight To Your Door

This is why we at Beck & Bulow live by the phrase “Ranch To Door”. Our meat is local to New Mexico and remains that way for the entire process. The animals are raised on our ranch, taken to the local butchers, and packaged at our Santa Fe warehouse by our own employees.

From here the meat is sold at local farmers markets, and also shipped out directly from our warehouse to your doorstep allowing access nationwide to meat that is incredibly fresh, vital and American in every way. We offer a wide array of quality products to choose from, and subscriptions are available. Our ranch to door commitment to quality is what makes us stand out among the best meat delivery services.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t only apply to the meat itself. We are also passionate about treating our employees as family and creating a company culture that reflects our beliefs and values. The work environment at Beck & Bulow helps to nurture personal growth and achievements while strengthening our bond as a team. All of our employees are also involved with our nonprofit organization and efforts to support Native American cultures and people. We take time off as a group multiple times per year to raise money and bring supplies to Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

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The ranch to door philosophy is what makes us so much more than just another one of the best meat delivery and subscription services. We care about what we do, we care about our meat, and we care about each other. We’re confident that you’ll be able to taste and feel the difference when you experience our grass-fed, grass-finished meat.