Where do we start about the buffalo. These majestic creatures sustained entire nations, entire races. Imagine 60,000,000 buffalo roaming on the plains making earthquakes when stampeding. That number has dropped under a 1,000. The only reason we can produce and provide buffalo is because the Blackfoot Indians had the foresight to smuggle the buffalo to Canada through the Rockies. Now we have 500,000 buffalo and moving towards 1,000,000. These divine creatures survived the ice age and are still here. Our meat comes from 30 minutes south of Santa Fe on our Madrid, NM, ranch. We have a saying around here, “Once you go bison, you don’t go back.” And it’s true in every way. Bison is better than beef. Being native to this continent it has adapted here over millions of years. To yours and your health!


Beck & bulow meat checks all the boxes, and keeps getting better.

  • Humanely Raised
  • No Antibiotics or Added Hormones Ever
  • Highest Quality

Processing Facilities

BECK & BULOW strives for excellence in every area, and that includes working with the best possible meat processing facilities. We work with companies and farmers that are dedicated to doing the right thing–never cutting corners, and always looking for ways to improve.

We also believe in fair labor practices. In line with our family and community values, we seek partners who treat their employees as part of a team.


The first time we had this boar we were blown away. The taste, flavor and more importantly the energy that this boar imparts. These are 100% wild animals born wild, live wild and come to your plate wild. Where we excel is the way that we process these animals. We come from foodie backgrounds working with chefs who demand only the best. This is the same meat the European royalties have feasted on for thousands of years. In the movies much is always made about the boar hunt then subsequent scenes with the boar on a huge table with an apple in its mouth surrounded by the hungry royal court.

For various reasons we try not to eat commercial pork. This is such a better product. Remember good for the earth, good for boar and great for you!

North American Elk

Did you know 90% of the Elk in North America is actually not elk and is from New Zealand? Most elk marketed is actually a species of the deer called red deer or “sika deer.” Our Elk is 100% North American elk from the northern Rocky Mountain region. These are from large ranches and are essentially wild except they’re kept in huge partner ranches 20,000 acres to 100,000 acres. Taste and most importantly, feel the meat that fueled some of the strongest and wisest people from planet earth.

Buffalo, Elk & Boar Delivered Straight to Your Restaurant