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Why Everyone Loves Whole Tenderloins: Filet Mignon & Beyond

Why Everyone Loves Whole Tenderloins: Filet Mignon & Beyond

Ten months ago I was a vegetarian and it was the bison tenderloin filet that did it for me. I remember my first bite because I had never tasted anything like it before. It was a melt in your mouth, eyes roll back into your head kind-of-good. I went from cooking up veggies in my cast iron to bison filets and haven’t looked back. Eating bison has changed my life for the better. And more so, eating fine quality meat has improved my well being overall.

Why Everyone Loves Whole Tenderloins Filet Mignon & Beyond - Beck & Bulow

Life is to be enjoyed and learning to appreciate the finer things is a simple way to elevate and expand your perspective. When I spent some time learning different sales techniques, I appreciated one in particular. It affirmed the simple belief that you deserve the best! You work hard and it’s important to reward yourself. I’ll admit, at first it was a big stretch to spend $30 on a single steak; however, that was a small price compared to the benefits of getting out of my comfort zone and splurging on that bison filet mignon.

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Filet Mignon means tender or fine filet in French. Mignon is a way to describe someone’s love and affection towards something. It’s been said that this cut of steak represents luxury, regality, and romance. We fondly refer to our bison filet mignon as the queen of steaks at Beck & Bulow. Here’s an interesting fact: the term filet mignon was actually coined by O. Henry, an American author.

Why Everyone Loves Whole Tenderloins Filet Mignon & Beyond - Beck & Bulow

Technically speaking, this cherished cut comes from the center part of the animal’s tenderloin found inside the ribcage. Since this muscle bears no weight, the connective tissue is not worn or hardened by exercise. In result, you get a perfectly tender filet that can be cut with a fork. While the bison tenderloin has little marbling compared to a New York strip steak or ribeye steak, it is packed with dense nutrients like protein, iron, and b12 vitamin.

A single filet mignon steak can be expensive, which is why buying a bison tenderloin primal is most cost effective. You can easily get 6-8 steaks from a whole tenderloin and use the ends to make a delicious carpaccio or tartare. It’s a smart way to plan for a dinner party and wow your loved ones or delight in stocking up your freezer and having lots of yummy meat on hand.

One of the joys of a bison tenderloin is that it's great to eat anytime of year. Savor it in the summer with fresh greens and creamy blue cheese or serve it with a rich red wine reduction sauce and roasted veggies in the cooler seasons. You can roast your whole tenderloin or cut it up into individual steaks.

Why Everyone Loves Whole Tenderloins Filet Mignon & Beyond - Beck & Bulow

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Quick Tips for Cooking your Tenderloin:

  1. Medium-Rare: It may go without saying that steak is best enjoyed medium to rare, but it’s a good point to emphasize especially when cooking bison tenderloin filet. Bison meat will get tough if you over cook it and you’ll miss out on the tenderness of the steak.
  2. Room Temperature: A simple trick to a juicy, flavorful steak is to let your meat come up to room temperature before firing up the grill or stove. This will ensure the meat cooks more evenly.
  3. Bison Tallow: We love cooking with bison tallow here at Beck & Bulow. If you’re not familiar, bison tallow is rendered fat and dense in good vital nutrients. It’s got amazing flavor and is a healthy alternative to oil and butter.
  4. Stove Top: Of course you can throw your filets on the grill, but oftentimes these small, yet mighty cuts can be more perfectly cooked on the stove. Because they won’t need much time, you can easily monitor the internal temperature. With a little salt and pepper, plus your favorite herbs and some butter or oil (or tallow!) in your skillet, you’ll have dinner ready in no time.

Why Everyone Loves Whole Tenderloins Filet Mignon & Beyond - Beck & Bulow

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There is nothing quite like a whole bison tenderloin, which is what makes it so special. It’s fine dining at it’s best and you can create that kind of experience in the comforts of your home. Impress your family and friends with a thoughtfully prepared meal that centers around the filet mignon. The beauty of the bison tenderloin is that you don’t need much to create a memorable experience -- the filet mignon will speak for itself.