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The Top Five Things I Love About Eating Quality Meat

The Top Five Things I Love About Eating Quality Meat

Working at our Santa Fe butcher shop, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on and sharing about the things that are so great about quality meat. Becoming a dedicated meat eater was certainly a major lifeshift for me since I used to not eat any meat at all! Now you can catch me testing out wild boar recipes and eating bison every chance I get. Quality meat has truly become a passion for me, and for everyone else on our team. There are simply so many things about it that are amazing in so many different ways. Here are my top five reasons that I love eating quality meat and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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1. You Know It’s Coming From A Good Source

The Top Five Things I Love About Eating Quality Meat - Beck & Bulow

Coming from someone who used to be vegan, my exploration of eating meat has always had sourcing at the forefront. I was well versed in the horrors of factory farming and mass production of meat in our society and wanted to avoid supporting these practices. As I learned more about free range meat and the positive effects it has on our ecosystems, I found that I felt better about eating meat that is raised the right way than I did about being vegan (don’t get me started on the monocrops that are necessary for a vegan diet). Truly good quality meat is carefully sourced and results in a product that you can feel great about purchasing and eating.

2. It Tastes So Much Better Than Other Meat

The Top Five Things I Love About Eating Quality Meat - Beck & Bulow

When people ask us what’s so special about our meat, the taste is always what I talk about first. I like to compare the difference in quality meat and grocery store meat to getting a tomato from the farmers market versus the produce section at the store. The farmers market tomato has an incredible, multidimensional flavor that will blow the other tomato’s flavor out of the water. Not to mention a better texture and appearance.

Quality meat is the same. The flavor of a truly amazing steak will make what you can find at the grocery store seem tasteless and forgettable in comparison. As any good cook knows, quality ingredients are what make the difference when it comes to cooking meals that have a wow factor. Quality meat makes it easy to cook incredible meals from the comfort of your own kitchen.

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3. It Makes Cooking Way More Enjoyable And Exciting

The Top Five Things I Love About Eating Quality Meat - Beck & Bulow

Having an abundance of quality meats to choose from has also had the unexpected effect of making me much more adventurous in the kitchen. At Beck & Bulow, we carry a great variety of meats to choose from and since working here I’ve tried everything from bison to wild boar to guinea fowl and everything in between.

This has resulted in meals that my vegan self never would have dared to dream of like Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches made with wild boar tenderloin or bison burgers topped with our addictively delicious wild boar bacon. Wild boar recipes have definitely become a favorite of mine. I also really love cooking with primal blend, which consists of 80% pasture raised ground beef or bison and 20% heart, liver and kidney.

4. Eating Quality Meat Makes You Feel Great

The Top Five Things I Love About Eating Quality Meat - Beck & Bulow

If you’ve ever felt less than wonderful after eating meat, it could be because factory farmed meat is more difficult to digest. Quality meat (and bison in particular) is much easier on the digestive system and also chock full of nutrients that make your body feel awesome. After eating quality meat you should feel energized, satiated and ready to take on the day.

Meat should be considered a superfood for the amazing combination of vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats that it contains. There have been cultures throughout history such as the Argentinean gauchos (cowboys) that subsisted primarily off of meat and thrived, leading adventurous lifestyles that required plenty of energy and focus.

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5. The Satisfaction Of Sharing It With others

The Top Five Things I Love About Eating Quality Meat - Beck & Bulow

Hands down probably the absolute best thing about eating quality meat is having the opportunity to share it with other people. Whether it’s shipping a box of meat to someone across the country or preparing a home cooked meal for friends that live close by, quality meat is one of my favorite ways to care for people close to my heart.

The really cool thing about working for a quality meat company is that this can expand far beyond people in your immediate circle. At Beck & Bulow, we have the opportunity to share quality meat with thousands of people nationwide. Here at our Santa Fe butcher shop in New Mexico, we get to see new faces in the shop every single day of people who have never experienced our meat before, but know that there is something special about it.