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Bison Tenderloin Primal (4-5 lbs)


Sustainably Raised Free Range Grass Fed Bison

Physical Description: Approximately 4-5 lbs of bison tenderloin primal. This comes individually wrapped in one large piece. The tenderloin primal has the wow-factor that you are looking for. Weighing it at a whopping 4-5 lbs, this is the tenderloin for tenderloin lovers! Stop the show when you feature the tenderloin primal as your next centerpiece. Or, surprise your guests with incredibly flavorful and tender bison tenderloin filets.

Cooking: Our bison tenderloin primal is a versatile cut that can be used as a center plate dish, just like beef Wellington, or cut into filets and seared to perfection. As the thickness of the steak can be determined by the chef's preference, we recommend cooking it to a medium-rare temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit to fully savor its tenderness and flavor. You can order our high-quality bison tenderloin online from our trusted butchers and experience the difference for yourself.

Nutrition Information: Grass fed bison is a superior protein source compared to other common meat sources. Bison contains 766% more vitamin B-12 per serving than chicken, 26% more iron than beef - a mineral essential for brain and muscle function - and 98% fewer calories than beef. It also boasts the highest amount of Omega 3's among all meat sources, and a whopping 28 grams of protein per serving. Furthermore, bison contains high amounts of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a fatty acid known to provide various health benefits.

Farming Practices: At Beck & Bulow, we take pride in sourcing our bison from ranchers who raise their herds on open ranges in the United States, as well as from our own ranch here in New Mexico. We place a strong emphasis on sourcing bison that is grass-fed, free-range, and never administered antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones. Our bison are raised in an environment that mimics their natural habitat, allowing them to roam and graze freely on the open plains. This contributes to their excellent health and superior quality of meat. We take great care in sourcing bison from ethical and sustainable sources that prioritize the welfare of the animals and the environment. Each piece of high quality meat is cut and trimmed by hand with exceptional precision. Additionally, we work directly with farmers and ranchers to ensure that our bison meet the highest standards of quality and flavor all of which contribute to our reputation as one of the best places to buy meat online.