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Why Our Motto Is Once You Go Bison, You’ll Never Go Back

Why Our Motto Is Once You Go Bison, You’ll Never Go Back

Since the start of Beck & Bulow, we have grown so much and today offer many different types of ethically sourced meat and seafood. But we got our start with the bison, and it used to be the focus of our entire company. We raise our bison on our ranch here in northern New Mexico and it remains at the heart of what we do. There’s a lot of reasons to be passionate about raising bison and eating bison meat, and we love to tell people why we do what we do.

Many of our customers had never tried bison before they started buying our meat. We find that for lots of people, once they realize how amazing bison meat is, they don’t want to eat anything else. Hence our motto, “Once you go bison, you’ll never go back.” If you’d like to try bison meat and aren’t in New Mexico, you can order from our online meat delivery service and have bison meat shipped directly to your doorstep.

Why Our Motto Is Once You Go Bison, You’ll Never Go Back - Beck & Bulow

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Bison Meat Is Incredibly Delicious & Tender

The most common question we get about bison meat is if it tastes gamey. The answer is absolutely not. Bison tastes like beef, but a little sweeter, cleaner and richer in flavor. Frankly, it tastes like beef, but even better. For many people, once they start eating bison meat they find that other meats are not as satisfying. It’s incredibly versatile for cooking and can be used in any recipe in the same way that you would typically use beef. If you were to serve bison to someone without telling them what it was, the vast majority of people would simply think you had given them some especially tasty and flavorful beef to eat.

Bison meat is significantly leaner than beef. It’s common for people to think that this will mean that bison will be dry or tough when they cook it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although leaner than beef, bison is naturally much more tender as long as it isn’t overcooked. The important thing to remember is that bison cooks more quickly than beef.

It will reach the same internal temperature in a shorter amount of time. We always recommend cooking bison to medium rare for optimal flavor and texture. Our bison filet mignon is our all time best selling item, because it’s so incredibly tender it practically melts in your mouth. Our online meat delivery service makes it possible for people nationwide to experience these amazing steaks.

Why Our Motto Is Once You Go Bison, You’ll Never Go Back - Beck & Bulow

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Bison Meat Is Nutritionally Superior To Beef

If you’re looking for protein, bison meat will be a dream come true. It’s an incredibly protein dense food supplying 17 grams per 4 oz serving. It’s considered an excellent source of protein and well loved in the fitness industry for packing such a muscle building punch while remaining very low in fat and calories. Bison meat is very high in essential minerals such as iron, zinc and selenium.

One 4 oz portion offers 13% of the daily value of iron, 31% of the daily value of selenium and 35% of the daily value of zinc. It’s much lower in fat than beef, yet contains a higher percentage of healthy fats that fuel our brain and bodies. For premium meat delivery that has incredible health benefits, you can place an order on our website.

Why Our Motto Is Once You Go Bison, You’ll Never Go Back - Beck & Bulow

Raising Bison Is Important For The Environment

The bison population was upwards of 30 million only two to three hundred years ago. The herds were so abundant that these giant mammals became a symbol of the plentiful resources of the New World for European colonists. During the late 1880s, the buffalo were decimated to the brink of extinction. The American bison is a keystone species, which means that they have an irreplaceable role in the ecosystem.

The effect that the near extinction of the bison has had is likely enormous. Raising bison and increasing the demand for bison meat is one of the only ways to increase their population. This results in more people raising herds of bison, directly increasing their numbers and providing genetic diversity.

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Why Our Motto Is Once You Go Bison, You’ll Never Go Back - Beck & Bulow

Bison in the wild roam and migrate over vast stretches of land. Their hooves are shaped in such a way that they actually aerate the soil as they travel together in large herds. Their manure provides vital nutrients to the earth. In their once vast numbers, the large amount of organic matter created by their droppings helped to trap carbon below the surface of the soil, preventing it from reaching the atmosphere.

The buffalo were once a huge part of building soil health, which benefits the entire ecosystem in incredibly far-reaching ways. When we eat free range bison meat, we help to encourage the recovery of soil health and move towards returning a balance to our ecosystems that has been lost since colonial times. Premium meat delivery can mean more than just delicious meat that’s good for you, too. At Beck & Bulow, it means choosing meat that’s good for the earth, good for the animals and great for you.