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Our Top 5 Most Underrated Steaks Everyone Should Try

Our Top 5 Most Underrated Steaks Everyone Should Try

We all know about filet mignon, ribeye, New York strip and sirloin steaks … but what else is out there in the world of delicious meat? It turns out that although bison tomahawk steaks are incredibly delicious, there’s a lot of other types of steaks that should also be on your radar. These less popular cuts offer tons of flavor and versatility, and often at a lower price per pound than premium steaks.

They’re chef favorites for a reason and as always with quality meat, the taste and texture go above and beyond any steak you can find at the grocery store. If you think you have to purchase a filet mignon to eat delicious steak, think again! These lesser known options simply need to be cooked properly - just like with any other steak - to really shine. Of course we’re not saying to hold off on the bison tomahawk steaks or filet mignon - but these are a great way to switch things up in the kitchen. Here are our top 5 most underrated steaks you should try:

  1. Medallion Steaks (Teres Major)
  2. Skirt Steak
  3. Flank Steak
  4. Flat Iron Steak
  5. Hanger Steak / Hanging Tender

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1. Medallion Steaks (Teres Major)

Our Top 5 Most Underrated Steaks Everyone Should Try - Medallion Steaks - Beck & Bulow

Medallion steaks are one of our most sought after cuts by those who are in the know. Elk medallions are consistently one of our top sellers here at the shop and online. These are an awesome value because they’re almost as tender as a filet mignon, but at only half the price per pound. These super tender steaks are cut from the teres major, a muscle that we’ve dubbed “the tenderloin’s little brother.” It’s the next most tender muscle after the tenderloin, very similar in leanness and texture. All these bad boys need is a little salt and pepper and a quick sear on the grill or in a cast iron skillet. We carry bison, beef, venison and elk medallions.

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2. Skirt Steak

Our Top 5 Most Underrated Steaks Everyone Should Try - Skirt Steak - Beck & Bulow

Skirt steak is delicious and tender with just a quick, hot sear. These thin steaks make a great option for fajitas and offer great versatility for lots of other meals. If you love tasty meat, you’ll love skirt steaks. Although not necessary, you can marinate skirt steak for even more flavor and tenderness. With their long, flat shape, skirt steaks are quick to cook so they’re a great option when you want dinner ready ASAP. We typically carry bison skirt steak as well as pasture raised beef and New Mexico raised Wagyu beef. This cut is the steak I typically picture when I think of a mouthwatering piece of meat served with savory chimichurri sauce.

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3. Flank Steak

Our Top 5 Most Underrated Steaks Everyone Should Try - Flank steak - Beck & Bulow

Flank steak is a versatile cut of meat that comes from the cow or bison’s belly area. This cut is lean and full of amazing, meaty flavor. We recommend marinating flank steak for the best experience. It’s one of those pieces of meat where when you know how to cook it (and it’s simple!) you can get an incredible tasting meal for a much lower price per pound than with premium steaks.

Flank steak goes by many other names, including bavette (the French name) and London broil. Flank steak is easily identified by its relatively smooth texture (compared to skirt steak) and a visible grain running up and down the length of the steak. It’s typically cut against the grain for optimal texture and flavor. Both flank and skirt steaks are often sold rolled up because of their thin, flat shape.

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4. Flat Iron Steak

Our Top 5 Most Underrated Steaks Everyone Should Try - Flat Iron Steak - Beck & Bulow

The flat iron is known for being extremely tender - up there in ranks with the filet mignon - and full of flavor much like a New York strip. Sounds downright appealing, doesn’t it? This awesome steak actually comes from a cut of meat that was considered unusable for most of butchering history.

An innovative technique that removes the connective tissues from the flat iron has only recently allowed us to enjoy this delicious steak. Flat iron is extremely versatile and can be enjoyed pan seared or grilled all on its own like any other premium steak, or used in recipes. The cut that the flank steak comes from is known as the top blade, which you can also find available on occasion in the shop.

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5. Hanger Steak / Hanging Tender

Our Top 5 Most Underrated Steaks Everyone Should Try - Hanger Steak - Beck & Bulow

And finally, we have the hanger steak. This cut used to not be offered to the public - the butcher would take it home for himself to enjoy. The reason for this being that there’s only a small amount of hanger steak per animal, and the fact that it’s not the most visually appealing steak compared to other premium cuts. These steaks have incredible flavor for less cost per pound than say, a ribeye or a New York strip.

We recommend a simple marinade for the absolute best hanger steak experience. Give it a good sear to develop a flavorful crust and cook to medium rare. This is the temperature we recommend for all of our steaks, but with hanger steak it’s definitely the sweet spot. Overcooked hanger can be tough, so this is the perfect opportunity to break out your meat thermometer.