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The Sexiest Meats To Prepare For Valentine’s Day Dinner

The Sexiest Meats To Prepare For Valentine’s Day Dinner

Are you looking for the perfect meal to prepare on Valentine’s Day? Something that will sweep your date off their feet, making them feel loved, appreciated… and maybe even something that has an aphrodisiac effect. Maybe you’re a seasoned home cook, but what if you’re not? The last thing you want to do is mess up a meal that’s supposed to be special. Don’t worry, Beck & Bulow’s got you covered - here’s some of my favorite fool-proof, delicious and romantic dinner picks that are perfect for celebrating with that special someone.

Whether you’re planning a dinner with your romantic partner or cooking for friends, we’re big supporters of sharing food with people you love. You can also practice self-love by treating yourself to some quality meat. Place your order by Monday, February 7th for your premium meat delivery to arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.

1. Sensual Sablefish Tips (Or Sablefish Fillet) 

Is sablefish the sexiest seafood? Its luscious, silky mouthfeel and amazing flavor make it a strong candidate at the very least. Online seafood delivery makes it easy to get this delicious fish straight from our facilities on Kodiak Island, Alaska. But have you ever had just the tips? The tips of the sablefish are also known as the collars, and are the most tender, luxurious part of the entire fish. You can sauté or grill these any way you’d normally prepare sablefish - including our miso recipe inspired by Nobu.

If you want to marinate them, I’d suggest planning ahead so that you can get them going the day before (or even two) for maximum miso flavor. However, sablefish tips are very versatile - feel free to do a more simple preparation, or any other variation you feel inspired by. The flavor of these bad boys speaks for itself without much embellishment necessary. Sablefish fillets are available on our website for online seafood delivery. If you’d like to order the tips, just give us a call at 800-674-8426.

Incredibly Delicious Miso Sablefish (Black Cod) Recipe - Beck & Bulow

2. The Sexy King of Steaks: Bison Tomahawk Ribeye 

There’s lots of science supporting the idea that steak is an aphrodisiac. According to a study done at the University of Texas, steak increases sexual arousal in women thanks to its ability to raise dopamine and norepinephrene levels in the body. It’s also a great source of zinc which is shown to increase sex drive for men. I mean, just look at a bison tomahawk steak - is there anything sexier? This showstopper never fails to make the perfect centerpiece for any occasion, Valentine’s Day included. Don’t be intimidated by cooking one of these jaw dropping steaks - it’s actually really easy. You can simply sear on each side for 6-7 minutes (just like you would a smaller steak but increase the time to account for size).
Bison Tomahawk Steaks: Our Most Sought After Cut Of Meat - Beck & Bulow

3. Versatile & Exciting Wild Boar Tenderloin

Our wild boar is fully wild, and we all know that wild animals are more in touch with their natural instincts than any human. So get down with your wild side and prepare boar tenderloin for Valentine’s Day dinner. The flavor of wild boar is nutty, sweet and rich compared with pork. It has more of a red meat quality to it than pork - also giving it a nutrient profile that supports a healthy libido. You can prepare wild boar tenderloin any way you like to prepare pork tenderloin. My all-time favorite way to use this cut is for wild boar banh mi sandwiches. This would be a great way to mix it up for Valentine’s Day dinner and have something flavorful and exotic. Plus, who doesn’t love the sensual experience of eating a messy, satisfying sandwich? Order wild boar tenderloin or any of our other items for premium meat delivery straight to your doorstep.
Instant Pot Wild Boar Banh Mi Sandwiches - Beck & Bulow

4. Tender & Juicy Elk Medallions Cooked To A Luscious Medium Rare

Elk medallions are one of our all-time best sellers, we get people coming into our butcher shop looking for them on a daily basis. This lean and tender red meat will give you all the aphrodisiac benefits of the bison tomahawk steak. Prepare yourself and your date for a delightful experience of flavor and texture - and cooking them couldn’t be easier or more convenient. Simply season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, then give them a nice hot sear for about 90 seconds on each side. Due to their small size (they’re about a quarter pound per steak) they will cook very quickly. Elk, like bison, is always best cooked medium rare (or less if you like it that way). And there’s something about a perfectly cooked steak with a vibrant red or pink center that is just so sensual and pleasurable.

Recipe Link: Elk Medallions: Juicy, Tender & Flavorful Gems + Recipe

Elk Medallions: Juicy, Tender & Flavorful Gems + Recipe - Beck & Bulow