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Some Delicious Reasons We’re Excited For Changing Seasons

Some Delicious Reasons We’re Excited For Changing Seasons

It’s been a great summer here in Santa Fe. I’m lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the country - New Mexico, the land of enchantment. Our summer is full of sunny days, incredible sunsets and epic thunderstorms during monsoon season. Often it seems like we have a massive heat wave right before the seasons start to shift.

Over the last couple weeks there were a few days that were so hot, I started to really look forward to the cooler weather we’ll probably get to experience in the next few weeks. One of the best things about the changing seasons is the comforting foods that come with cooler weather.

Some Delicious Reasons We’re Excited For Changing Seasons - Beck & Bulow

My all-time favorite fall and winter time food is bone broth. It’s so nourishing, soothing and versatile. Not to mention, easy to make. Simply add some bones to a large pot with water and your favorite seasonings and simmer for 6-8 hours. I like to add herbs like rosemary and oregano and something with a kick like green chile powder or sriracha.

Dried mushrooms are another great addition to add earthy flavor and extra nutritional power. Since bone broth is best enjoyed warm, it’s something I generally don’t go for during the warmer seasons. Enjoy a cup in the morning or before bed. It’s incredibly useful for cooking and adds a depth of flavor, rich texture and potent nourishment to any meal.

Some Delicious Reasons We’re Excited For Changing Seasons - Beck & Bulow

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Next on the list for chilly weather things that get my mouth watering is osso buco. This is one of our most popular cuts of meat and it’s easy to see why. When slow cooked to perfection the meat becomes incredibly tender and falls right off the bone. Whether you choose wild boar osso buco, bison, beef or elk, you’ll love the taste and tenderness.

These horizontal cuts of the leg shank have bone in the middle (osso buco is French for “bone in the hole”) with rich marrow inside. The bone creates a thick broth and then when eating you can scoop out the marrow and spread onto some crusty bread for one of the most delicious and satisfying treats known to man.

Some Delicious Reasons We’re Excited For Changing Seasons - Beck & Bulow

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And of course, we can’t forget the iconic pot roast. This time-honored all American dish has satisfied bellies at dinner tables for decades. We have lots of options available for roasts, whether you prefer bison or beef. This cool weather classic makes it easy to feed a crowd and often provides delicious leftovers. All you need is some mashed potatoes and dinner rolls for the fall or winter dinner that dreams are made of. Our tender, flavorful pasture raised bison or beef makes the perfect main course. Toss some veggies in the pot to cook along with the meat for added flavor and color.

Some Delicious Reasons We’re Excited For Changing Seasons - Beck & Bulow

In the coming months, we’ll celebrate the holiday season with all the delicious foods we love to experience each year. Turkey for Thanksgiving, prime rib for Christmas, and all of the other favorites that are steeped in tradition and family memories.

Our bison tomahawk ribeye primal (prime rib) has become a favorite with customers for the winter holidays and we receive lots of preorders each year, so make sure to reserve yours in advance if you’d like to serve this show stopping meal. Bison tomahawk ribeye primals are also an excellent way to save money on individual steaks. This is also the perfect occasion to splurge on some impressive Wagyu beef cuts. The marbling, tenderness and amazing flavor will make it a meal to remember.

Some Delicious Reasons We’re Excited For Changing Seasons - Beck & Bulow

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Let’s not forget about the New Mexican holiday classic, pozole. This hearty stew is traditionally served on Christmas and other celebratory days and is usually made with pork. We also love it with wild boar or lamb shoulder. It’s made with hominy, or large corn kernels that become delightfully chewy and make for a hearty, delicious meal.

New Mexico red chiles give this stew the spicy kick that the southwest is known for. Pozole has a long and colorful history dating all the way back to the Aztecs. If you’ve never tried it, look no further than the recipe on our website for an authentic experience regardless of your geographic location.

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And that brings me to what’s really the best thing about the changing seasons - nourishing meals shared with loved ones. When the temperatures drop and a chill sets into the air, we’re more inclined to stay indoors and get cozy around the dinner table. Sharing foods with people we love is what creates memories and bonds that last a lifetime.

Humans have spent quality time together in this way for thousands of years. Fall is soon approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about warm meals enjoyed by the fire. After all, it’s the simple things in life that really bring us the most joy. Whether it’s wild boar osso buco to bison prime rib or anything in between, we’ve got the cuts you desire for the changing seasons.