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Women Who Eat High Quality Meat Have Healthier Sex Drives

Women Who Eat High Quality Meat Have Healthier Sex Drives

Low sex drive is the most common sexual health issue reported by women worldwide. Luckily, this can typically be easily remedied by receiving the proper nutrients to support a healthy libido. At Beck & Bulow, we’re routinely amazed at the health benefits provided by our high quality meat.

It wasn’t much of a surprise to discover that our meat delivers a plethora of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats that are exactly what the doctor ordered for boosting the female sex drive. A lively dose of passion enhances intimate relationships and assists with mental and emotional well-being. Happily, simply eating delicious and nutritious pasture-raised beef, bison, elk, lamb and wild boar can help many women attain this goal.

Women Who Eat High Quality Meat Have Healthier Sex Drives - Beck & Bulow

High Quality Meat: Nutrients From Grass-Fed Beef

Omega 3 fatty acids actually increase levels of dopamine in the brain. This helps women to be more relaxed and enjoy sex more. Dopamine helps partners experience more emotional connection, and actually increases blood flow to the sex organs enhancing sensation and arousal. Many people are under the impression that fish like salmon and tuna are the only good source of omega-3’s.

However, the truth is that these fish obtain their omega-3 content from eating underwater grasses. Green leafy grasses and plants are the best source of this healthy fat, and for this reason pasture-raised meat contains lots of it. Twice as much, in fact, as grain-fed animals. Grass-fed meat also doesn’t contain any of the heavy metals and toxins that are found in our polluted waters.

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Vitamins have much more direct correlation with sex drive than most people realize. Let’s start by talking about vitamin E, which is so helpful it’s sometimes called the “sex vitamin”. You might know vitamin E for its anti-aging skin benefits. These qualities certainly don’t hurt when it comes to sex. It’s totally normal to feel more sexually inclined when we feel more physically attractive - and in our culture, this often means looking younger.

Like omega-3’s, vitamin E is another nutrient that sends plentiful blood flow and oxygen to your sex organs. But there’s more to it than that. This vitamin also balances female sex hormones, directly supporting the libido levels that nature intended. Our bison tallow is an amazing source of this vitamin, and you can also get a healthy dose from eating any of our grass-fed meats.

Women Who Eat High Quality Meat Have Healthier Sex Drives - Beck & Bulow

Vitamin A is essential for the production of female sex hormones, and also helps to regulate the menstrual cycle. Grass-fed meat is super rich in beta-carotene, a nutrient that our bodies absorb and then convert into vitamin A.

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Grass-fed meat is an amazing source of vitamins B6 and B3, both of which are very important for women’s libido. In just one serving of grass-fed beef, bison, elk, or lamb, you can get over one third of the recommended daily intake for these vitamins. Vitamin B6 plays a key role in balancing sex hormones and maintaining a healthy sex drive.

This nutrient regulates the production of serotonin, dopamine, estrogen, testosterone and red blood cells. Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, enhances blood flow making orgasms stronger and more frequent. It also assists in the production of sex hormones from the adrenal glands.

Minerals From The Best Meat To Order Online

Magnesium and iron are both powerhouses when it comes to sex drive. Grass-fed meat is an unbeatable source of both. Magnesium helps the body produce healthy amounts of sex hormones, directly affecting libido. It also is known for its calming and relaxing properties, which can really help women who have difficulty orgasmic due to anxiety.

Did you know that most couples who don’t have sex very often attribute the issue to being tired and stressed? While magnesium can assist with stress, iron is an absolutely essential nutrient for energy levels. Iron deficiency is one of the most common reasons women experience fatigue. When you don’t have much energy, a low sex drive naturally follows.

Thankfully, people who consume red meat very seldom experience iron deficiency. Grass-fed meat is chock-full of this necessary nutrient, and if you really want to pump it up try adding liver into your diet. Additionally, consuming healthy fats like bison tallow allows our bodies to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

Women Who Eat High Quality Meat Have Healthier Sex Drives - Beck & Bulow

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Choose High Quality Meat For The Most Effective Results

We love knowing that our grass-fed & finished meat offers the most delicious taste and optimal health benefits. The way meat is raised makes a huge difference in both of these areas, and our animals live as close to wild as it gets. Whatever your health concern, from boosting your sex drive to preventing diseases, grass-fed meat offers some amazing benefits. People who eat grass-fed meat have much better health in general than those who eat grain-fed meats, or who have eliminated meat from their diets entirely. Browse our online selection today to have the highest quality meat delivered straight from our ranch to your door.