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Bison Tomahawk Steaks: Our Most Sought After Cut Of Meat

Bison Tomahawk Steaks: Our Most Sought After Cut Of Meat

Bison tomahawk steaks are an exceedingly iconic cut of meat. These enormous bone-in ribeye steaks are visually stunning and exceptional in flavor. They’re prized for their exquisite fat marbling and supreme tenderness. This choice cut of meat, considered by many to be the ultimate, requires nothing more than the simplest seasoning. Weighing in at 30-40 ounces, this is a giant steak that can easily be shared by two to four people.

Bison Tomahawk Steaks: Our Most Sought After Cut Of Meat - Beck & Bulow

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The amazing fat marbling and rich flavor of this steak is thanks to its location in the rib primal, located on the center torso and back of the bison. This area naturally collects more fat than other areas of the bison’s body and is more tender as a result. This epic cut really has it all and is sought after for the amazing experience it provides. Otherwise known as a bone-in ribeye, there is also a version with a shorter bone known as a cowboy steak. We sell out of tomahawks constantly and they are one of our most requested items.

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The tomahawk is a true eye-catcher and when these steaks arrive at the table in restaurants, everyone starts talking. Everyone enjoys visually appealing food and this is the perfect example of an item with maximum crowd-pleasing appearance. Serve this steak and you’re guaranteed an enthusiastic response. For fresh tomahawk steak delivery straight to your door, look no further than Beck & Bulow.

Bison Tomahawk Steaks: Our Most Sought After Cut Of Meat - Beck & Bulow

Fresh Premium Steak Delivery From Beck & Bulow

The characteristic appearance of this steak is thanks to the long bone that is left in. Cut from between the 6th and 12th ribs of the bison, the impressive exposed bone measures between six and eight inches. The bone is expertly cleaned and trimmed of fat and meat for optimal visual appeal - a technique known as “frenching”.

Aside from looking beautiful, the bone acts as a physical barrier to keep flavorful juices inside the steak, where they belong. Reminiscent of a Native American tomahawk, the visible bone gives a unique and impressive look to this show stopping steak. We’ve got the best prime steaks available online, and the bison tomahawk is the creme de la creme.

The weapon referred to as a tomahawk is well known for its prevalence in Native American culture. This useful tool was created by attaching a sharpened stone to a wooden handle secured with strips of rawhide. Sometimes deer antler was used in place of stone. Traditionally the handle was crafted of wood from hickory, ash or willow trees.

European colonists introduced metal blades which were adopted and used to make sharper, more effective tomahawks. Many Native American tribes revered and honored the buffalo for its life-giving majesty. We’re proud to offer grass-fed buffalo meat that is raised and butchered with respect.

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Cooking a tomahawk steak might seem intimidating, but it’s really quite simple. Simply cook it as you would any other ribeye but adjust the time to account for the larger size. Grilling buffalo steak of any kind is always a recipe for success. You can wrap the bone in aluminum foil to prevent it from charring. There’s also the option of using the method known as indirect grilling. To cook your tomahawk this way, light a burner on the grill, place the steak far away from the active burner, and close the lid.

Bison Tomahawk Steaks: Our Most Sought After Cut Of Meat - Beck & Bulow

This approach will allow the meat to cook, around 45 minutes should do it. At the end, sear the steak over high heat to create a crust on the outside. When the steak is done, let it rest for 5-10 minutes and then slice to serve. The option is always there to enjoy the steak straight off the bone like the ultimate carnivorous lollipop.

This method will be sure to have you feeling primal and juiced up. Our bison tomahawks give an incredibly gratifying meat-eating experience, any way you look at it. We’re the best place to order steaks online, place an order today and experience the quality difference.

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This steak is the ultimate choice for Father’s Day, birthdays, dates or just going all-out for a really satisfying meal. At Beck & Bulow, we’re here to provide the perfect meat selections for all of your needs. You can feel confident that the meat you receive is premium quality, ethically sourced and full of pure life-force energy that will have you feeling great. Place your order today for bison tomahawk steaks and be sure to browse our other tantalizing selections of premium meats.