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Happy Birthday America: Top Quality Meat For Celebrating

Happy Birthday America: Top Quality Meat For Celebrating

Having a great time this July 4th doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, we think there’s something really nice about keeping it simple. Let’s be honest - to make it extra special this summer, all you really need is some truly excellent steaks. Our quality bison meat makes it easy to go all out without having to worry about lots of details.

Gathering with loved ones, enjoying the great outdoors and grilling up some top quality bison steaks is a sure-fire formula for Independence Day celebration success. Everyone loves steaks, it’s a well-known fact. When you buy meat from Beck & Bulow, it’s guaranteed to impress and delight. We make it easy to treat your loved ones to the best, with convenient delivery from our ranch to your door.

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Happy Birthday America: Top Quality Meat For Celebrating - Beck & Bulow

Raised Essentially Wild, As American As It Gets

What makes our meat so great? We’re glad you asked. It begins with the way our animals are raised. Our bison live essentially wild on our 20,000 acre ranch here in New Mexico. They freely roam with crystal clear springs, rolling hills and vibrant blue skies as far as the eye can see. Bison meat boasts some incredible health benefits, being nutrient-rich, protein dense and low calorie. It’s supremely tender and flavorful compared to beef. Furthermore, bison are robust, powerful animals that live the way nature intended. We benefit from these characteristics when we consume bison meat.

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By increasing the market demand for bison, we help to increase their population and decrease the demand for factory farmed meat. We honor the buffalo and believe that as their numbers rise, we will begin to witness the land returning to balance. Eating bison is sustainable and good for the planet. Purchasing choice bison steaks for America’s birthday is not only healthy and delicious, but consciously cares for the land we live on.

Happy Birthday America: Top Quality Meat For Celebrating - Beck & Bulow

We Work With Master Butchers

We exclusively work with local butchers, and every one of our bison is butchered by third generation bison specialists. This means our steaks are cut with exceptional consistency and expert precision. We love that they give our meat undivided care and attention. This not only maintains the physical quality of the meat but preserves the energy of conscious creation and refinement that we strive for.

When you fire up the grill this year, everyone will be dazzled at the sight of our top-notch cuts of bison. They’re seriously easy on the eyes. You can’t go wrong with melt-in-your mouth tenderloin filets or some jaw-dropping bison tomahawk steaks. This meat is handled with care every step of the way. It’s part of our quality commitment that takes our steaks above and beyond the industry norms. We’re confident that you’ll be thrilled with the difference.

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Our Freshness Guarantee

When you buy meat from us, we ensure that it arrives at your doorstep with optimal freshness. Immediately after being butchered, each cut is flash frozen. This is an extremely effective method of rapidly freezing the meat. No ice crystals are formed and the quality and freshness are perfectly preserved. The meat is pressure sealed and packaged with care by our own employees at our warehouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Each order is packed with dry ice in a reusable cooler that is capable of maintaining temperatures for up to seven days.

Happy Birthday America: Top Quality Meat For Celebrating - Beck & Bulow

When you order steaks from us for this iconic American holiday, they will arrive to you fresh off the butcher’s block. All the taste, tenderness, and nutrition is readily available. We’re confident this meat will make you feel great about showing your dad how much he means to you. It’s simply the best quality you can buy.

The Sustainable Choice For Quality

At Beck & Bulow, we’re passionate about sustainable meat. The polar opposite of purchasing from factory farms, our top-quality bison meat is kind to the earth. The memories created by spending time together are priceless. You really can’t beat enjoying a steak with out-of-this-world flavor and tenderness. It’s a menu choice you can feel good about for many reasons. If your family has never experienced the difference between mass-produced meat and bison steaks cut by masterful local butchers, they’re going to be in for an awesome surprise.

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We’re committed to providing the absolute best quality steaks available, and pride ourselves in making it simple and convenient to have them delivered straight to your door. Although our true passion will always be bison, we offer a selection of other carefully sourced meats. Be sure to check out our top quality offerings of elk, wild boar, lamb, grass-fed beef and chicken. We love to provide these options with all the same attentiveness and exceptional quality. High quality meat makes for high quality memories. Browse our website now to place your order.