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Why Discerning Meat Eaters Choose Our Online Delivery

Why Discerning Meat Eaters Choose Our Online Delivery

When you want to purchase meat online, there’s probably a few questions that come to mind. First you might wonder how the meat will taste and how fresh it will be when it arrives at your doorstep. You probably will want to know what the shipping will be like and how everything will come packaged. You may have questions about how to cook the meat, especially if you decide to branch out and try something new. At Beck & Bulow, we’re here to support you with procuring the highest quality meat for your family, every step of the way.

Why Discerning Meat Eaters Choose Our Online Delivery - Beck & Bulow

Our High Quality Standards For Incredible Meat

We’re committed to being the most high quality meat delivery service available. It begins with our impeccable sourcing. Our meat is raised in the most natural environments, as close to wild as possible. We know that the way that animals spend their lives has a huge effect on the quality of meat. We take on the energetic properties of food when we eat it, and we honor and respect where our meat comes from. It brings us joy to see animals living as nature intended in environments that bring them their best health and well-being.

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The Best Place to Consciously Buy Meat Online

To obtain quality meat online, or anywhere for that matter, it’s of utmost importance for the meat to be butchered and processed with care and the highest degree of expertise. Our butchers are the most skilled and devoted to lifetime mastery of their craft. Because of this, the quality of our meat is unmatched.

Each cut is done by hand and with the intention to use every part of the animal to the fullest extent while creating the most beautiful cuts of meat. Our butchers prioritize compassion for and respect of the animals. This level of skill makes light years of difference compared to the profit-driven, cruel and often mechanized techniques used by industrial factory farms.

Why Discerning Meat Eaters Choose Our Online Delivery - Beck & Bulow

These incredibly talented butchers along with the rest of our top-notch quality standards give us the privilege of providing you with the most high quality steaks to order conveniently online. Along with our other selections of amazing cuts, our steaks are unbeatable in quality. Their stunning visual appearance will draw you in whether you choose our impressive tomahawk, tenderloin, ribeye or New York strip. These steaks, along with all of our other meat, are unparalleled in tenderness and flavor. When meat is sourced like ours, it comes as a natural result of a pastured diet and relaxed lifestyle.

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We Provide The Best Ways To Order Meat Online

When it comes to steak or whatever premium cuts of meat you choose, we have delivery down to a science. All of our meat is flash frozen immediately after butchering to preserve every bit of freshness, nourishment and flavor. Every piece of meat is pressure sealed and packed by hand by our own employees here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Your order is packaged with care in a reusable cooler with dry ice that maintains freezing temperatures for up to seven days. When your meat arrives, it will be impeccably fresh and incredibly delicious.

Look No Further For Wild Buffalo Meat

Many meat and steak delivery companies exist on the internet, but we offer something that is truly unique. Our dedication to quality and wild-sourced meat that fulfills our natural human needs is special and rare. When you order from Beck & Bulow, you know that you’re receiving something more than the mainstream conception of meat. When you eat our meat, you connect with the essence of the way that we’re meant to partake in this nourishing food.

The far superior nutritional value, taste, tenderness and experience of eating our meat can really change the way that you relate to your food. The majesty of these animals that live in harmony with the rhythms of life can help us to connect to a greater way of being. When we eat meat in the way nature intended, we become more fully integrated into the world we live in.

Bison Tomahawk Steaks: Our Most Sought After Cut Of Meat - Beck & Bulow

At the intersection of ancient and modern, we bridge the gap between raising animals in a primal way and selling meat online for convenient delivery. We believe that every human should have access to meat that’s raised the way nature intended, with reverence for the animals and land that give us life. In modern day times, that’s not always easily available.

It can be hard to know the truth about where meat comes from due to discrepancies in labeling and misleading information. We believe that meat is sacred and a gift from nature, and we run our business from this core belief. Browse our selections of bison, grass-fed beef, elk, wild boar, lamb and chicken today to experience the Beck & Bulow difference. Be sure to check out our recipe page for delectable cooking ideas!

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