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Taking A Stand For America: Why Patriots Eat Wild Meat

Taking A Stand For America: Why Patriots Eat Wild Meat

At Beck & Bulow, we love eating high quality meat and we love America. This is why our company was founded on our passion for the bison, the most American animal there is besides the bald eagle. We think there’s something intrinsically patriotic about eating wild meat. Meat that’s raised completely wild, or essentially wild has a certain quality to it that is hard to put into words. It has to do with freedom, and living in alignment with the ways that nature intended.

Taking A Stand For America: Why Patriots Eat Wild Meat - Beck & Bulow

Wild, grass-fed meat and American patriotism are inextricably linked. It’s about being self-sufficient, and taking in nourishment from sources that aren’t locked into the system of corporate greed. Self-reliance and living in harmony with the land are important stepping stones to true freedom. America was founded on the protection of personal freedom, and our Constitutional rights reflect these important values. Perhaps as our society has stepped into these chaotic modern-day times, things have gone a little off kilter. All we know is, our vision for the future of America involves freedom and the best quality, wild-raised meat.

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To us, patriotism looks like taking a stand for our freedom and this land we’re so blessed to live on. You know what’s terrible for our American ecosystems? Factory farmed meat, that’s what. These industrial operations pump out meat riddled with antibiotics, hormones and steroids. They raise animals in cruel, cramped conditions and pollute the water and soil with copious amounts of toxic chemicals. These massive corporations don’t care for our health and they don’t care for our planet, either. They care about their profits, no matter the true cost for our country.

Free Range, Grass-Fed & Finished Meat From Beck & Bulow

You won’t find wild or essentially wild meat offered by major corporations, since their profit-based strategies simply don’t align with it. For that reason, whenever you buy wild meat, you support small businesses. Entrepreneurship is very patriotic, and helping small businesses grow is absolutely as American as it gets. When we vote with our dollar and buy locally raised meat, factory farming becomes a tiny bit less pervasive with each purchase. It’s with small steps like these that great moves are made in history.

Taking A Stand For America: Why Patriots Eat Wild Meat - Beck & Bulow

By choosing to support ethical and sustainable farming practices, we actively help protect America the Beautiful. Grass-fed animals actually nurture the soil and reduce atmospheric carbon. The cyclical relationship between grazing animals and soil health is so perfect, it could only have been created by nature. We’d like to return America to her glory days of clean waters, mineral-rich soils and delicious, nutritious grass-fed meat. There once were sixty million bison roaming this land and nourishing the soil. We hope to one day witness the return of those massive herds.

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Elk, Bison, Beef, Wild Boar, Chicken & Lamb Meat

To protect our birthright of freedom as American Patriots, we have to be strong and able-bodied as possible. Wild and grass-fed meat contains so many more nutrients than industrially raised meat, there’s really no comparison. It has more protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals while containing less unhealthy fats.

The hormones, steroids and antibiotics that factory farmed animals are given cause a multitude of health problems for the humans that consume them. Wild meat contains nothing but natural goodness, and all of the animals that our meat comes from are robust and resilient. You are what you eat, and when we eat wild meat we become stronger, braver and more adaptable. Honorable, all-American traits fitting for true Patriots to embody.

Beck & Bulow: The Conscious Online Meat Delivery Service

High quality meat bestows a vigor for life and grounded strength that we believe is especially necessary for these chaotic times. Eating meat enhances brain function and allows us to be quicker thinking and better at problem solving. These are great advantages to have when we don’t know exactly what the future might look like. The energetic qualities of wild meat cannot be replicated. This nourishment is a gift from nature that we’re meant to utilize in a respectful and honorable way.

Taking A Stand For America: Why Patriots Eat Wild Meat - Beck & Bulow

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At Beck & Bulow, we’re proud to provide you with meat that will enhance your life in so many ways. We source all of our meat with discernment and know that it’s the best and most delicious meat available. We’re here to take care of you and your family as you celebrate America and envision a bright future. At the intersection of ancient and modern, we provide wild and grass-fed meat that feeds our bodies’ needs, and offer convenient online ordering and nationwide shipping. The best quality bison, grass-fed beef, elk, wild boar, lamb and chicken, delivered straight to your door.