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Things I Love About Having A Freezer Full Of Quality Meat

Things I Love About Having A Freezer Full Of Quality Meat

Our meat is flash frozen at the peak of freshness, so that it’s delivered to your doorstep bursting with all of the flavor, tenderness and nutrients straight from the butcher’s block. The truth is, if you aren’t hunting (or fishing) and butchering the meat yourself, flash frozen is the best option for quality meat that’s convenient to store and cook. I absolutely love the feeling of knowing that I have a freezer full of meat - it makes me feel abundant, prepared for any situation and always ready to prepare a delicious meal.

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Things I Love About Having A Freezer Full Of Quality Meat - Beck & Bulow

Even Small Freezers Can Fit More Than You Think

I’ll be honest, I have a pretty small freezer. I live in an adorable but tiny two bedroom adobe in Santa Fe. It’s probably the cutest place I’ve ever lived in my entire life, but space is limited. Our refrigerator is not the largest, and naturally neither is our freezer. On top of that, my roommate and I share food and both regularly purchase meat. I’m constantly astounded at how much meat we can cram into our little freezer. I’ve heard it said before that it’s a sign of abundance in life to have a well-stocked kitchen, and I couldn’t agree more.

There’s always more space than we think there is, and for the times when we actually have to remove something in order to make room, it goes into the refrigerator to thaw and becomes dinner sometime in the near future. Organization is key. Every time I think there’s no more room in my freezer, if I take a few minutes to pull everything out and put it back in I usually have more space than I realized. Also, many of our items are packaged to be extremely space efficient and can fit in nooks and crannies that you wouldn’t ordinarily expect.

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Things I Love About Having A Freezer Full Of Quality Meat - Beck & Bulow

A Variety Of Cuts Gives You Culinary Freedom

If I had room for another, larger freezer especially for meat, I’d get one in a heartbeat. I think particularly in these chaotic, uncertain times it really can’t hurt to have a large supply of meat frozen at home. Because ours is pressure sealed, it has a great lifespan in the freezer - up to a year at the minimum. When it stays fresh for this long, there’s really no reason not to keep it on hand rather than buying smaller amounts and using them as you go along.

I love having the variety available to have the perfect cut on hand whenever inspiration (or craving) strikes. On top of that, I’m a true believer in the health enhancing properties of quality meat. From my personal experience I truly feel that it gives me more energy, stamina and mental acuity when I eat quality meat twice a day, especially because I have an active lifestyle. Factory farmed meat is the complete opposite, but compared with responsibly sourced, pasture raised meat it might as well be considered a completely different food.

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There’s A Primal Sense Of Abundance When You Have Meat Stored

There’s a wonderful sense of abundance I get from knowing that I have bones in the freezer to make broth if I get sick, steaks to cook if we have a guest over for dinner and bacon for breakfast. I have a few varieties of ground meat for burgers, including our primal blend for the extra health boost of vitamins and minerals. I have hotdogs and sausages to get out and thaw for the week that are perfect for lunch.

And of course, some slow cooker items like osso buco and half a brisket. This is also where I store bison liver, chopped into tiny, pill-sized cubes. It’s a lifehack for incorporating organ meat into your diet - just swallow a tiny frozen square with water and you hardly taste it, yet enjoy all of the energy boosting benefits of the liver meat.

Things I Love About Having A Freezer Full Of Quality Meat - Beck & Bulow

On the subject of thawing, my typical method is to just rotate things on a weekly basis into the refrigerator. Because of the freshness and high quality of our meat, paired with the fact that it’s all pressure sealed, you can safely keep sealed items in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. If you need to thaw something more quickly, simply take it out of the freezer and place in a bowl of water in the sink.

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I’ve never had so much fun experimenting in the kitchen and felt so stocked with nourishing food as I have since I started keeping a freezer full of meat. There have been so many new culinary creations, and the realization that cooking is really easy when you have exceptional meat to work with.

All of our meat is packaged by hand and mailed in reusable coolers with dry ice, straight to your doorstep to store or enjoy. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re always happy to help with any questions and to offer cooking and storing tips.