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How To Cook Wild Boar Bacon To Absolute Perfection

How To Cook Wild Boar Bacon To Absolute Perfection

Part of the beauty of wild boar bacon is that it requires zero skill in the kitchen to be ridiculously delicious. You can just toss it in a pan, flip until it’s cooked through, stack it high on a plate and have drool worthy results. However, we think there’s some joy to be found in perfectly refining a process that yields results you love. If you haven’t tried our wild boar bacon, you’re in for a real treat. Order online for quality meat delivered straight to your door.

How To Cook Wild Boar Bacon To Absolute Perfection - Beck & Bulow

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Wild boar bacon is incredibly flavorful. Because these animals roam wild and free to forage, their natural diet includes a variety of nuts, fruits, roots and tubers. Compared to the flavor of grain fed domestic pork, there’s no comparison. Our boar bacon has rich and multidimensional flavor that must be experienced to be believed.

Because wild boar is naturally leaner, it’s less fatty than pork bacon (but still fatty enough to be incredibly satisfying). You don’t have to sacrifice your health and well-being to eat delicious food. In fact, we believe that the most truly satisfying foods often provide the most health benefits. Like all of our meat, this wild boar bacon is hand cut by master local butchers.

Beck & Bulow: Your Quality Meat Delivery Service

Wild boar bacon is one of our best selling products. People tell us all the time how the amazing flavor just blows their minds. It’s so popular, we have trouble keeping it in stock online and at local farmers markets. Why not take a great thing and figure out how to make it even better? Here’s a few things to keep in mind to take your bacon cooking to the next level. Place your order for delivery from the best online meat supplier.

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Firstly, we recommend cooking your bacon in a cast iron skillet. It’s classic and reliable. We’re not huge fans of the chemicals in non stick coatings, but if you’re careful not to scrape the bottom with utensils they’re okay to use. Bacon doesn’t require much extra fat for cooking, but wild boar bacon is leaner than pork if that’s what you’re used to.

Order Humanely Trapped Wild Boar Meat For Delivery

We suggest using some of our bison or grass fed beef tallow if you think it needs a little extra help. Not only will it add excellent flavor, but it’s ideal for high heat cooking and loaded with nutrients. Next up is cooking utensils. Tongs are the best for cooking bacon, since it needs to be flipped frequently. However, anything will do in a pinch. If you’re careful, a fork will do the trick just fine. Order quality meat online from Beck & Bulow and taste the difference for yourself.

How To Cook Wild Boar Bacon To Absolute Perfection - Beck & Bulow

Beck & Bulow: The Best Online Meat Delivery Service

It’s also nice to have a plate set up to transfer the cooked pieces to. You’ll want to place a folded paper towel or some other absorbent material on the plate to soak up the excess grease before serving. Also, don’t forget to save the bacon fat that’s left over in the pan. Coming from these wild boars, leftover grease is super nutrient dense and useful for cooking. Simply let it cool a bit, transfer to a jar and set aside for use as needed. Get the most delicious wild boar meat available for online order from Beck & Bulow.

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Order Ethically Sourced Fresh Meat Online

You always want to begin cooking bacon with a cold pan. That means, place your bacon strips in the pan before you turn any heat on. It’s okay to crowd the pan a little since the meat will shrink up as it cooks. This delicious boar bacon turns out best when cooked over low heat for longer periods of time. Allow the bacon to leisurely cook at a low temperature, flipping frequently.

How To Cook Wild Boar Bacon To Absolute Perfection - Beck & Bulow

Bacon preference is a personal thing. Some people like it crispy with a little crunch to it. Others want it to be on the softer, floppier side of the spectrum. And then there’s those of us that simply don’t discriminate when it comes to this delicious meat. When it’s evenly browned and cooked to your desired level of crispiness, transfer to the paper towel lined plate. It actually will continue to cook for a little bit after leaving the pan, so keep that in mind.

At Beck & Bulow, we’re thrilled to offer so many amazing meats to our customers. We take pride in being an excellent meat delivery service and look forward to serving you. Check out our selections of wild boar, bison, elk, grass-fed beef, lamb, and chicken today.

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