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Bacon History: From Ancient Wild Boar To Bacon Ice Cream

Bacon History: From Ancient Wild Boar To Bacon Ice Cream

Bacon has a history that stretches as far back as humans have been eating pork. Although hunters have been taking down wild boar since prehistoric times, bacon in its earliest forms became more widespread around the time of domestication along the Tigris River as early as 9,000 BC. There was a completely separate domestication event that occurred in Asia around 4,900 BC. However, bacon as we know and love it today wouldn’t come on the scene until the mid 18th century.

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Bacon History: From Ancient Wild Boar To Bacon Ice Cream - Beck & Bulow

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The word bacon originally referred to all pork, derived from the word bacho, a term from Old German. It was around the mid 1700s that the term evolved to mean the fatty strips of meat from the sides of the pig, cured with salt. It seems that the breakthrough that made bacon the recognizable item it is today happened by accident when European farmers used local salt to cure their pork.

These salt mines happened to be high in nitrate, giving the farmers bacon that was free of bacteria and pink in color. For beyond organic meat delivery you can trust, look no further than Beck & Bulow.

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We’ve all heard the phrase “bringing home the bacon” used in modern times to describe providing income for the family household. This saying actually has its origins in the 12th century, when an ancient market in southeast England promised a side of bacon to any husband who could swear that he and his wife had not quarreled for a year and one day.

It seems that this contest had facetious and perhaps sexist undertones as it was assumed that only a man with the patience of a saint could possibly hope to fulfill the challenge.

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You might think that the bacon craze is an advent of modern society. However, bacon has enjoyed wild popularity since the Roman Empire. Back in those days it was called petaso and widely enjoyed for its delicious taste, availability and affordable price.

A common preparation was pork shoulder boiled with figs, browned and served with wine. At certain points in history, bacon was so easily procured that it was considered peasant food. Today, it has attained cult popularity status for Americans nationwide. Check out our online offerings today for the best bacon meat delivered straight to your door.

Bacon History: From Ancient Wild Boar To Bacon Ice Cream - Beck & Bulow

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In 1539, Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto brought thirteen pigs across the ocean to the New World. They flourished and within three years he had around 700 pigs. There are reports of peace offerings being made to Native Americans in the form of pork products. It’s said that they fell in love with the flavor and couldn’t get enough of this unfamiliar European meat.

The fast growing population quickly became a problem, like in 1653 when the pigs almost prevented the construction of a wall built on Manhattan Island by the Dutch. The structure was designed to keep the Native Americans and British out of New Amsterdam and would later become known as Wall Street. Nowadays, the pig population no longer runs wild in New York City. It’s easier than ever to order meat online from quality butchers through Beck & Bulow.

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Nowadays, the bacon craze has expanded beyond what anyone possibly could have imagined. From candied bacon lollipops to bacon ice cream, this iconic ingredient has transcended all classifications of which foods should include a traditional breakfast meat in them. However, not all bacon is created equal. The popular item has begun to experience a decline due to health concerns and growing knowledge of the factory farming industry. That’s why we’re so excited to be able to provide top quality southwestern wild boar bacon to our customers.

Bacon History: From Ancient Wild Boar To Bacon Ice Cream - Beck & Bulow

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Wild boar bacon is both healthier and more flavorful than conventional pork bacon. It’s bursting with mouthwatering complex flavors. Since wild boars eat a natural forested diet including nuts, roots, tubers and berries, this bacon has a nutty and delicious flavor profile. It’s also naturally leaner and lower in cholesterol than it’s domestic counterpart.

You’ve got to taste the difference to believe it. Customers constantly tell us how once they try this bacon, they never are able to go back to eating the pork variety. Place an order to try our premium quality meat selections and experience the Beck & Bulow difference.

100% Humanely Trapped Southwestern Wild Boar Meat

Not only is this bacon ethically sourced - it actually helps farmers and improves our ecosystems. At this point in time, wild boar are an invasive species that decimates crops and disrupts forest ecosystems. Keeping their population in check helps to curb these problematic behaviors.

Our wild boar are humanely trapped by trained veterinarians to ensure that the animals experience as little stress as possible. We work exclusively with master local butchers who make every cut by hand with precision and care. At Beck & Bulow, we care about where our meat comes from and our customers love that we constantly deliver the best in quality and sourcing.