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Beck & Bulow Difference / USA butchers

We’re Eagerly Anticipating The Opening Of Our Butcher Shop

We’re Eagerly Anticipating The Opening Of Our Butcher Shop

Our team is thrilled to announce that we are opening a gourmet butcher shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you’re familiar with the area, this location will be centrally located on Cerrillos Road near Saint Michaels Drive. The building will feature two murals by renowned local artist VELA. The murals are currently in progress and projected to be completed by mid January. The intention of the murals reflects the mission of Beck & Bulow, which is to provide wild and ethically sourced meat that is “good for the earth, good for the animals and great for you.” The butchershop will be opening sometime this month.

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We’re Eagerly Anticipating The Opening Of Our Butcher Shop - Beck & Bulow
“A return to old world butchery in this fast-paced digital world is something that Santa Fe is missing, and we’re providing that.” -Tony Beck, CEO

Beck & Bulow was founded on a love for the American bison, respect for the earth and honoring where food comes from. Our company has since grown to provide a variety of carefully sourced meats in addition to bison including elk, wild boar, Wagyu beef, lamb, poultry, wild caught Alaskan seafood and more. We believe that a return to local butcher shops as a fixture of American communities has the power to transform the way we eat meat. Beck & Bulow is a local pillar of the meat supply chain, providing meat to thousands of families as well as a large commercial market. We serve over 250 restaurants and businesses, Presbyterian Hospital, and grocery stores across the Rocky Mountain region. We have partnerships with Santa Fe Community College and the Santa Fe Indian School, and our meat has been featured by Edible and the Food Network.

A Gourmet Butcher Shop For Our Community

This butcher shop will be an exciting addition to Santa Fe and providing a service that is very much needed by our community. The long awaited retail location will provide a convenient and accessible place to purchase quality meat in Santa Fe. Our gourmet butcher shop will offer a wide selection of meat and wild caught Alaskan seafood, along with grab and go options and charcuterie. We will be carrying a selection of olive oil, caviar, artisanal cheeses, olives, specialty sausages and salamis, fresh pastas, gourmet honeys and more. The location will also feature a manufacturing facility, creating jobs in the community.

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We’re Eagerly Anticipating The Opening Of Our Butcher Shop - Beck & Bulow

We currently service retail customers out of our warehouse location, with a temporary retail area set up due to popular demand. We offer local delivery and curbside pickup for phone and website orders. This butcher shop retail location has been long awaited and we’re all very excited about what the difference it will make in the retail experience at Beck & Bulow. This location will give us the ability to create a fixture in the Santa Fe community where people can get quality meats and other gourmet foods, and help bring the American buffalo back. There will be an in-house butcher, dry aged steaks and many other items to choose from.

Brightening Up Cerrillos Road Near Saint Michaels

The area of Cerrillos Road where the soon-to-be shop is located is definitely in need of some enlivenment. The butcher shop will bring so much to the area and the beautiful murals will beautify this part of the street. The mural on the north side of the building depicts a bald eagle catching a salmon out of a stream with a full moon rising in the background over the mountains. The mural on the southside of the building will feature a yellow grove aspens with bison, elk and wild boar roaming. Not only are these works of art going to be visually stunning, but they also represent honoring the earth and where our food comes from. It is our sincere hope that this butcher shop moves more people to eating quality meat and bringing the buffalo back.

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Muralist Sebastian VELA has covered a lot of artistic terrain over the last 15 years of his career. The local Santa Fean has painted thousands of murals across the country and a few overseas locations. You may recognize VELA's mural work throughout Santa Fe, at Harley Davidson, Natural Grocers, Sage Inn, Coyote Cafe, SF School of Cooking, and many more! His vivid color schemes and imaginative visions translate to magical masterpieces. His recent memorial murals of Los Angeles Laker, Kobe Bryant, has gained national recognition and has been featured on ESPN, COMPLEX Magazine, and The New York Times. VELA now resides in Huntington Beach, California, yet travels to New Mexico often to show love to his home state.

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