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Introducing Our Variety Of Hand Selected Meat Boxes

Introducing Our Variety Of Hand Selected Meat Boxes

We know that too much decision making can sometimes unnecessarily complicate daily life. Anything that makes grocery shopping easier is an attractive option these days, and we’ve enjoyed putting together this variety of meat boxes to suit every household. Simply select from the size and price point you desire and let us do the rest.

This is also a great opportunity to try more of our quality meats and discover new favorites from our premium selections. If there’s anything you’d rather not have included in your box, simply let us know in the comments section of your order. We’re here to tailor each box to your tastes and preferences. These boxes are available for individual orders as well as on a subscription basis if desired.

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Introducing Our Variety Of Hand Selected Meat Boxes - Beck and Bulow

Order Fresh Meat For Online Delivery From Beck & Bulow

The Scout Box will provide you with ten to twelve pounds of hand selected ground meats, bison burger patties, bratwursts, stew meat, chicken, and wild boar bacon. We have an amazing assortment of ground meats including bison, grass fed beef, wild boar, elk and lamb. Our unique Primal Blend is a mixture of our best selling ground bison or grass fed beef with a specially formulated percentage of organ meat. T

his awesome blend allows you to get all the benefits of the heart, liver and kidney meat without the full on organ meat flavor. With a little seasoning, this meat is indistinguishable from our regular ground bison or beef. We also offer a Keto Blend made from our ground grass fed beef that includes 40% fat, making it perfect for anyone following a ketogenic diet.

Beck & Bulow: Your Quality Meat Delivery Service

The 100% bison bratwursts and hot dogs are some of our newest items and our customers have been thrilled with them. They’re so delicious, they’ve been one of our personal favorites for lunch at our home office here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. With no nitrates, preservatives, or additives, you can feel great about feeding these sausages to your family.

The bratwursts come in hickory smoked or jalapeno cheddar flavors, and the hot dogs taste like the old fashioned classic, but better. Kids absolutely love them. Purchase meat online the simple way, and enjoy the feeling of a freezer stocked with delicious and easy to cook items.

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The Best Meat Delivery Box For Your Needs

We hear from customers all the time that our chicken is the best they’ve ever tasted. All natural and humanely raised, these chickens are never given any amount of hormones, steroids or antibiotics. The packaging is chemical free and the meat is never injected.

The Scout Box can include any of our cuts of chicken, including drumsticks, thighs, breasts and whole chickens. These chickens are small and delicious, just the way nature intended. Finally there’s our wild boar bacon, a real crowd pleaser. Everyone loves this bacon, with its complex and nutty flavor that comes from the naturally foraged diet of our truly wild boars.

Order Meat Online From Quality Butchers

If you want steaks and other premium cuts to be included in your order, the Warrior Box will satisfy this need. It includes four to six pounds of the entry level items included in the Scout Box, three to five premium steaks, and one or two slow cooker items. The steaks include bison or beef tenderloin filet, boneless ribeyes, New York strips, or sirloins, elk medallions, and wild boar tenderloin.

The slow cooker items include bison or beef short ribs, osso buco, brisket, and chuck roast, elk osso buco, lamb french racks or roasts, and wild boar french racks. This box gives an excellent variety of meats, including our premium steaks for delivery.

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Order Meat Online From Quality Butchers - Beck and Bulow

The Chief Box offers the ultimate value, and includes free shipping. This incredible box includes eight to twelve pounds of the entry levels items included in the Scout Box, six to ten premium steaks, and two to four slow cooker items. If you like saving money and making sure your freezer stays stocked with delicious meat, this is the box for you.

Our meat industry experts select every item by hand for each order, keeping any preferences you have listed in mind. They aim to provide you with a great variety while giving you the best value for the box you have selected. Enjoy the convenience of premium meat, delivered straight from our ranch to your door.

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If you’re wondering how your meat will arrive at your home, we’re excited to tell you about our delivery methods. All of our meat is pressure sealed and flash frozen immediately after butchering at the peak of freshness. We work exclusively with small scale local butcher shops who handle every cut with care and precision.

Your order will be packed by hand in our warehouse in a reusable cooler with dry ice. We use FedEx Home Delivery to ensure that your package gets to you as quickly as possible. We’re excited to provide these boxes for your convenience and hope that you love this meat as much as we do.

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