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Wild Boar Frenched Rib Rack (3-4lbs)


100% Southwestern Wild Boar

Physical Description: Each pack contains 2 racks of wild boar ribs, expertly packaged together, with each rack weighing about 1-2lbs. Our skilled butchers have meticulously frenched the bones, ensuring they are perfectly cleaned and ready for your enjoyment.

Nutritional Information: Wild boar is a protein powerhouse, packed with generous amounts of monounsaturated fats, zinc, iron, sodium, niacin, selenium, thiamine, vitamin B6, and zinc. Compared to pork, wild boar is notably lower in fat and cholesterol.

Cooking: Wild boar's natural diet of nuts, fruits, roots, and tubers infuses the meat with a distinctive flavor profile. With its lower fat content and darker coloring compared to pork, wild boar delivers a delectably sweet and nutty taste. As it is naturally leaner, we recommend preparing wild boar at lower temperatures to retain its succulence and tenderness. Overcooking can result in dryness, so take care to achieve the perfect balance. Remember to thaw the ribs before cooking for optimal results.

Hunting Practices: Our wild boar operations are located just south of San Antonio, Texas. We source wild boar directly from trappers throughout the Texas Hill Country. To ensure minimal stress, the wild boars are humanely trapped and transported under the supervision of trained veterinarians. Each animal undergoes rigorous USDA veterinary inspection, meeting all stringent requirements. These boars roam freely in their natural habitat, untouched by added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics, providing a truly free-range experience. While a significant portion of U.S. wild boar is exported to Germany, Italy, and France, the growing popularity of this exquisite meat in America is undeniable. We are thrilled to deliver this high-quality wild boar straight to your door for your enjoyment.