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Our Guide To Buying Wild Meat Online For The First Time

Our Guide To Buying Wild Meat Online For The First Time

If you’ve never eaten wild meat before, it’s common to find the idea a little intimidating. You might be wondering what it’s going to taste like, if you’re going to like it, and how you’re going to cook it compared to conventionally raised meat. The great news is that you’re in for a real treat. Wild meat does great with simple preparations that let its natural flavors shine through. At Beck & Bulow, we believe there’s something really special about meat that’s raised wild, or as close to wild as you can get. We’re excited to introduce you to our delectable world of premium meats.

Our Guide To Buying Wild Meat Online For The First Time - Beck & Bulow

Buy Beck & Bulow Grass-Fed Beef Online

So maybe the only meat you’re used to eating is conventionally raised beef, pork and chicken. In this case, we’ve got some easy points of entry to the world of premium quality, ethically raised meat. We’re confident that our grass-fed & finished beef will be the best you’ve ever had. We’re in the meat business, and it’s hands down the most delicious, flavorful beef we’ve tasted. Our beef comes from cattle raised essentially wild with very little handling.

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Order Natural Chicken Online From Beck & Bulow

We also offer premium quality, ethically raised chicken from a small farm here in New Mexico. These chickens are never given any amount of hormones, steroids or antibiotics. They’re small in size and big in flavor, just the way nature intended. Then there’s our pasture-raised lamb meat, mild in flavor and supremely tender. Although it’s less common in America than other meats, lamb is a diet staple around the world and a delicious option you likely didn’t even realize you were missing.

Our Guide To Buying Wild Meat Online For The First Time - Beck & Bulow

You’ll be able to taste and feel the difference with these delicious yet familiar meat options. Our beef, lamb and chicken selections taste like the meats you’re used to, except better. They’re also far nutritionally superior - you’ll feel great after eating these meats. The quality really speaks for itself, and these are great kitchen staples your family will love.

When you’re ready to take a walk on the wild side, bison is the perfect option. A lot of people are worried that bison will taste gamey - it’s one of the most common questions we get about our meat. The answer is that this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you like beef, you’re going to love bison. Some of our elder patrons tell us that our bison tastes just like beef did fifty years ago, before factory farming practices became commonplace.

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There’s no weird or strong taste whatsoever when it comes to bison. What it does taste like is super tender, flavorful beef with a touch of sweetness. In fact, the only beef that we like as much as our bison is, well, our grass-fed beef. Cooking bison is essentially no different than cooking beef, either. There’s just one thing to remember - bison should always be cooked less. Because it’s naturally leaner, rare to medium rare will give you the optimal flavor and tenderness.

Our Guide To Buying Wild Meat Online For The First Time - Beck & Bulow


Next up is wild boar meat. Now, our boar is truly wild, roaming completely free in the forests of western Texas. Of course, most people are wondering if this quintessential wild meat will taste gamey. While this boar meat definitely tastes different from industrially raised pork, there’s nothing gamey about it. In fact, it has a delicious and nutty complex flavor that comes from their natural diet of berries, nuts, roots and tubers.

The gateway drug to wild boar addiction is definitely the wild boar bacon. We can barely keep this stuff in stock, because it’s that good. It even has the added bonus of being way healthier for you compared with conventional pork bacon. Wild boar meat is full of vitamins and minerals and much lower in unhealthy fats than regular pork, so feel free to indulge. Check out our blog post about wild boar bacon recipes to try at home.

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Buy High Quality Buffalo Meat Delivered Straight To Your Door

Finally, we’ve got our delectable elk meat selections. This, along with the wild boar, is a meat that you won’t typically find in restaurants or stores. Our elk is mainly raised essentially wild on 20,000-100,000 acre ranches in the Rocky Mountains. Elk meat is extremely versatile, super flavorful and wonderfully tender. To really go for the gold, try out some elk medallions. They’re the tenderloin of the elk and melt in your mouth with succulent flavor.

Probably the most exotic tasting of our meats, and also one of the most popular. Season with salt and pepper and quickly sear over high heat, then let rest for ten minutes before serving. Elk meat should be cooked rare to medium rare due to its naturally lower fat content.