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The Top 5 Things That Make Beck & Bulow So Special

The Top 5 Things That Make Beck & Bulow So Special

If you’ve ever met us at farmers markets in New Mexico or come to our warehouse for a walk-in appointment, you probably know how passionate our team is about the meat we provide. We know from personal experience what a difference this meat can make in people’s lives. It’s easy to put your heart and soul into something you believe in, and that’s part of what makes Beck & Bulow so special.

1. Unique Products That Will Become New Favorites

We have unique items that you’ll be excited to try, like our best selling wild boar bacon. We can barely keep this stuff in stock. Once you and your family try it, you’ll never want to go back to conventional pork bacon. Our Rocky Mountain elk medallions are another favorite that many customers purchase from us for the first time ever. Not to mention our buffalo jerky, which is the best on the market.

The Top 5 Things That Make Beck & Bulow So Special - Beck & Bulow

The flavors of our meats are something that many people have never experienced before. Once you’ve had meat the way it’s supposed to taste, you’ll find that conventional meat tastes one dimensional and lackluster. And you’ll really begin to notice the way that mediocre meat makes your body feel weighed down. Properly sourced meat makes you feel stronger, more resilient and adaptable. Our free range, grass fed and finished meat goes above and beyond industry standards.

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2. Our Meat Is Hand Cut By Small-Scale Master Butchers

We work with local butchers who are masters of their craft. This means that your meat travels as little as possible before it arrives at your doorstep. It also means that each cut is done by hand with care and expertise. This gives each product we offer some amazing visual appeal as well as enhanced quality and flavor.

The Top 5 Things That Make Beck & Bulow So Special - Beck & Bulow

We encounter a lot of people who had bad first experiences with lamb, perhaps eating it in their childhood and finding the flavor unagreeable. Ours is supremely tender and flavorful without being overwhelming. We constantly hear from our customers that our meat is the most delicious they’ve ever tasted. Some people have only had wild or exotic meat that was hunted by someone they know and butchered without proper knowledge of how to handle the meat.

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3. Our Animals Are Raised Naturally And Humanely

Because of the way our meat is raised, the animals live free of stress and with all of their natural behaviors and instincts intact. This means our meat is good for the earth, good for the animals, and great for you. Pasture raised animals help to nurture soil health and are vital for our ecosystems. For us humans, it’s tastier, healthier and you can feel great about the purchase you’re making.

The Top 5 Things That Make Beck & Bulow So Special - Beck & Bulow

Wild meat, or meat that comes from animals who live as if they are wild, has a special quality that’s hard to put into words. You are what you eat, and when we eat meat we really take on the energy of the animals it comes from. Our products carry qualities of robust, hardy animals that live in harmony with nature.

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4. People Love Interacting With Our Friendly Team

We’re a small-scale family company that values our customer interactions. We have testimonials from customers nationwide who love not only our products, but our customer service. Every time you call Beck & Bulow, you’ll be speaking with a real person here in our office. We’re personable, friendly and easy to work with. We love giving personalized recommendations to help people buy our meat.

The Top 5 Things That Make Beck & Bulow So Special - Beck & Bulow

It’s not uncommon for us to work with former vegetarians whose first experience buying meat is with us. Our company especially appeals to those who care about animal welfare and conscious sourcing. We’re more than happy to walk you through how to choose your meat, and share knowledge on how to make it taste delicious. We form relationships with our customers and care about providing this valuable nourishment to American families.

5. Flash Frozen Meat Shipped With Dry Ice

The Top 5 Things That Make Beck & Bulow So Special - Beck & Bulow

Each order of flash frozen meat is packed by hand and shipped with dry ice in a reusable cooler. Most companies simply send the meat with ice packs, which results in meat that’s not in the same quality as it could have been once it arrives. Our carefully designed methods of packing ensure that your meat arrives supremely fresh, in the same condition it was in immediately after it was butchered. This not only makes the meat especially tasty, but ensures that all of the nutritional value is perfectly preserved. Especially in these chaotic times, it’s incredibly convenient to have meat delivered right to your doorstep.

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