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5 Things I Love About Life Since I Started Eating Meat

5 Things I Love About Life Since I Started Eating Meat

I feel more connected with the earth

Looking back on why I chose a vegan lifestyle in the past, it came from a desire to live closer in harmony with the earth. At the time, I thought that making this lifestyle change was the right step to take. I didn’t really find the connectedness I was searching for until I started eating quality meat in a conscious way.

There’s significant evidence that eating meat is quite literally what made us human. Our brains wouldn’t have been able to develop to their full potential if we hadn’t adapted to eat meat. There are ancient rhythms and instincts involved in eating meat that’s ethically sourced. To me, it feels like a return to old ways of being that nurture something deep within.

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5 Things I Love About Life Since I Started Eating Meat - Beck & Bulow

I feel more mentally sharp

When I stopped eating meat, I was under the impression that it would make me feel better in every way. However, it couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Since adding meat back into my diet, I’ve come to realize just how much it supports healthy brain function.

Looking back on my vegan days, I feel like I was in a thick mental fog. Now that I’m eating meat, I feel like my focus and mental acuity has drastically improved. It’s not surprising, considering the healthy fats that are so abundant in this meat function as building blocks of brain tissues. There’s few things better than feeling like your mind is really functioning at its full capacity, and eating meat from local butcher shops helped me experience that.

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I have hugely improved energy levels

It was amazing to see the drastic changes in my energy levels when I started eating meat again. Energy levels are the biggest game changer for feeling great on a day to day basis. I truly believe that I had been functioning on low energy for the majority of my life. The portion of my life in which I didn’t know any better yet and ate factory farmed meat (along with lots of other processed foods), and then the later portion where I was vegan.

5 Things I Love About Life Since I Started Eating Meat - Beck & Bulow

The fact is, pasture raised meat contains huge amounts of the essential nutrients we need for our bodies to function properly. Although it’s possible to get (most) of these nutrients from plants, their form in meat is much more easily absorbable by our bodies. To me, it makes a lot of sense to include the nutrient source in your diet that has everything you need readily available and in large amounts. When you
buy meat online that comes from the right sources, you’ll be able to feel the difference.

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I am able to connect socially over food

It’s part of human nature to connect over eating food. It’s an instinctive way that we have bonded since prehistoric times, deeply rooted in the core of our beings. When I was vegan, there were many limitations on how I could socialize with food. There were many restaurants I wasn’t able to go to. People would cook meals and want to share them and I would decline based on my diet restrictions.

In many cultures, refusing to eat food that someone has prepared for you is considered to be very rude. In America, it’s not uncommon to encounter people with lots of dietary restrictions. But I believe that accepting food that is prepared for you goes deeper than we realize. It feels great to participate freely in social interactions involving food without feeling the pressure of my restricted diet. Even better, I’m able to share the best meat to order online.

5 Things I Love About Life Since I Started Eating Meat - Beck & Bulow

I feel incredibly liberated

The number one greatest thing that I’ve experienced since starting to eat meat again is the amazing feeling of liberation. I didn’t realize how much my rigid restrictions were weighing on me until they were removed. I think sometimes we can almost get addicted to these restrictions, feeling like they’re the secret code to follow to break through to being a better human. But I can’t even begin to tell you how liberating it feels to throw the rule book away.

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Even with all of the other incredible benefits of eating meat, the sweet sensation of freedom is my favorite thing about it. The change helped me to see how my rigidity and righteousness was negatively affecting my mind and my life. When we’re free to be the way nature intended, so much tension and stress melts away. Buy fresh meat online from Beck & Bulow and taste the difference for yourself.

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