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A Little About Us: Get To Know The Team At Beck & Bulow

A Little About Us: Get To Know The Team At Beck & Bulow

At Beck & Bulow, we’re lucky to have a team that’s really more of a family. We work together, grow together and celebrate each other’s successes in life. We all really care about each other and have a lot of fun sharing these quality meats with the world. Our company culture is really special and we’re all really grateful to have a workplace that is like ours. Here’s a quick peek inside what it’s like to work at the best online meat delivery service.

Beck and Bulow Team

I’ll start with myself. My name is Sara, and I’m the content creator. I write the blogs and help with other social media content. I actually used to be vegan, and it was a huge revelation for me when I realized that the realities of veganism didn’t match up with my good intentions. I’ve never felt better about my health and relationship with the earth than I do now eating ethically sourced, high
quality meat. I love being able to share knowledge about how grass fed meat can help heal our bodies and the planet.

Kynan’s role on the team is multifaceted. You’ll see him at several of the farmer’s markets in the Santa Fe region each week, selling meat to locals and tourists. There’s a good chance you might end up speaking with Kynan if you call our customer service number, too. He also helps with work on the website, packing orders and making local deliveries. He’s another former vegan who is now proud to be on the team at Beck & Bulow.

You might see Graham at a few of the farmers markets, too. He takes care of all of the local restaurants. He travels often, making deliveries and venturing out to Taos to stock up the ski valleys with bison burgers. Just a couple days ago, he made the trip up to our Amish butcher in Colorado and brought back lots of fresh cuts of bison and grass fed beef. He loves cooking steaks on the grill and is a great resource for cooking tips.

Tony Beck and JP Bulow are the owners of the company, and they’re constantly doing many things around our home office and beyond. If you’re local and attend the farmers markets, you’ve probably seen them there at some point. They also handle interactions with the farmers and ranchers we work with, select new products for us to carry, and boost team morale. JP has a background in nutrition and is an awesome chef.

John Paul Bulow - Co Founder of Beck and Bulow

Tony has been involved in Native American spirituality for 20 years and organizes our company fundraising trip every year to Pine Ridge, South Dakota. We raise money with our nonprofit, The Flowering Sun Foundation, and bring lots of food, supplies and meat up to the reservation. When Tony and JP founded this company, it was out of a love for the American buffalo and a desire to create the
best place to buy meat online.

Tony Beck - Co Founder of Beck and Bulow

Every week we have two company yoga classes where we all get to gather and release stress and tension. It feels great to take care of our bodies and devote some time to self care during our busy work week. We’ve also been enjoying decorating our Santa Fe warehouse. It’s starting to look pretty awesome in here with our buffalo hides on the walls along with some of the unique art and special items that Tony has collected over the years.

It feels great to create a space for our team to thrive. We’re really proud of what we do and the meat we provide. And the great news is, if you’re not local to New Mexico, it’s easier than ever to order meat online from us.

There’s lots of exciting things in the works at Beck & Bulow, and we’re looking forward to the future of what we’ll be able to bring to our local community and beyond. We know how much this meat has changed our lives, and it’s really satisfying to share that gift with people around us.

We believe that meat is something sacred, and we care about where ours comes from. The delicious taste and incredible health benefits of this meat constantly amaze us. Whether you’re visiting us at the farmers markets, calling our office for a walk-in appointment, or ordering from us online, we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you. Check out our selections of bison, elk, lamb, beef, chicken and wild boar meat today.