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The Real Reason Some Americans Are Eating Less Meat

The Real Reason Some Americans Are Eating Less Meat

Here at Beck & Bulow, we’re all big believers in the life changing benefits of eating free range meat. It’s changed our lives - and many of us on the team used to be vegetarian or vegan. In the United States, meat eating has steadily increased over the years.

Up through 2018, in fact. However, this year there have been multiple reports of Americans choosing to eat less meat. An often quoted statistic states that one in four Americans is including less meat in their diet. As with all statistics, it’s important to consider the underlying variables that cause trends in order to understand what’s really happening.

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The Real Reason Some Americans Are Eating Less Meat - Beck & Bulow

Most Americans who are reducing their meat consumption report that they are doing so in an effort to be more health conscious. The truth is, meat has gotten a bad reputation for health because of industrial farming practices. Factory farms raise animals in such unsanitary and inhumane conditions that they have to administer large amounts of antibiotics just to keep the animals alive.

Many animals are also given hormones and steroids to force them to grow unnaturally large as quickly as possible. That way, meat production is increased and corporations can make more money. Not to mention all of the toxins that the animals are exposed to in these chemical laden facilities.

All of these substances are absorbed into the meat that is sold as food to consumers. Hormones actually increase disease in the animals they’re administered to and resulting conditions are treated with - you guessed it - more antibiotics. It’s no surprise that this meat has some really serious ill effects on the health of those that eat it.

The use of antibiotics causes antibiotic resistant diseases to develop as tolerance increases. Growth hormones and antibiotics in animal products have been shown to cause an increased risk of breast cancer, as well as children hitting puberty at younger ages than ever before.

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Benefits of eating free range meat - Pasture Raised Meat - Beck & Bulow

Factory farmed meat
has much higher levels of unhealthy fats due to the unnatural diet that livestock are fed to increase their weight. It contains less vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s not surprising that many people are eating less meat to improve their health, when you take into account that most of the meat in the United States is factory farmed.

There is often no distinction made between the health benefits of meat that is well sourced versus meat that isn’t, when in reality the difference is huge. The other major concern that seems to be leading people to reduce meat in their diet is the environment. Factory farming produces massive amounts of pollutants that contaminate our soil, water and air.

The high number of animals that are kept create wildly huge quantities of manure that must be disposed of. The manure is full of the hormones and other toxins that the animals are exposed to and as a result ruins surrounding soil and water wells. Toxic fumes are pumped out of these factories in huge quantities.

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However, by choosing free range meat, we help to reduce the profits of these industrial operations and work towards a future where meat is good for the environment. Luckily, the demand for free range meat is on the rise.

Although it might not be common knowledge yet, more and more people are realizing that responsibly sourced meat offers amazing health benefits as well as repairing the soil health. Our ecosystems once depended on grazing animals. Their depleted numbers have likely affected things in ways we don’t even realize yet.

Choose free range meat - responsibly sourced meat - Beck & Bulow

When people realize that they can add free range meat into their diet and more effectively help the environment as well as their health, everything changes. Yes, consuming less factory farmed meat is a good thing. Refraining from purchasing it altogether is even better. We’re on board with getting away from factory farming by any means possible. But you don’t have to stop eating meat, and you shouldn’t.

Free range meat is one of the most nutrient dense foods we can consume. In fact, it helped early hominids evolve into modern day humans. There’s also research that shows children who are raised vegetarian don’t grow to have the same level of brain function or physical strength as children that are fed meat. At Beck & Bulow, we’re firm believers that this meat is a path to overall health and well-being.

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As more Americans become interested in wellness and sustainability, this knowledge is becoming more widespread. Especially with the rising popularity of paleo and keto lifestyles, quality meat is becoming a buzzword. Check out our selections today and choose from bison, elk, grass fed beef, lamb, wild boar and chicken.