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Top 5 Reasons Quality Meat Is Vital For Pregnant Women

Top 5 Reasons Quality Meat Is Vital For Pregnant Women

Pasture raised meat has an incredible nutritional profile that is valuable for any human being, but can be especially important during pregnancy. Quality meat could be considered a super-food for all of the highly bio-available protein, vitamins and minerals it contains. The huge amount of energy and nutritional resources that pregnancy requires makes grass fed meat a dietary staple for many mothers to be. Here’s our top five reasons why eating more meat can make al the difference for pregnant women.

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Top 5 Reasons Quality Meat Is Vital For Pregnant Women - Beck & Bulow

1. Protein Is A Building Block Of Life

Protein is part of every single cell in the human body. For pregnant women, more protein is needed in order to not only grow a baby, but to accommodate for the new growth of breast tissue, uterine tissue, and an increased blood supply. Pregnant women require about 25 grams (at minimum) more protein than other women. This essential nutrient makes it possible for babies developing bodies to produce enzymes and hormones, antibodies for their immune systems, and more.

Meat is well known for being an abundant source of complete protein. It’s the most direct and effective way that nature provides us with this nutrient, and it’s also the most easily absorbed. Protein powders often have additives, and processed foods simply can’t compare with the nutritional benefits of whole foods.

2. Meat Helps Boost Energy Levels

During pregnancy, many women experience fluctuations in their energy levels like never before. I mean, it only makes sense. You’re growing a baby, and that requires your body to expend far more energy than normal. Supporting your energy levels by consuming nutrient rich foods not only helps with making it through the day, but also provides your baby with high quality fuel.

Pasture raised meat is one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat. In fact, there’s evidence that during ancient times, it would not have been possible for our brains to develop to make humans the way we are today without eating meat. The plant based diet of our prehistoric predecessors simply didn’t offer enough nutrients and calories - aka energy - to allow for leaps in evolution.

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3. Folate Is Essential For A Healthy Baby

Folate, also known as vitamin B9, is necessary for the formation of blood cells and production of RNA and DNA, and is especially important during pregnancy. Proper amounts of folate in the mother’s body help ensure that the baby’s brain and spine form correctly.

Pregnant women and those hoping to become pregnant need to consume higher amounts of folate every day, ideally beginning before conception occurs. Increased intake of folate should continue throughout breastfeeding. Liver is one of the most concentrated sources of folate. As with all organs, nutrients are found in much higher amounts when the meat is grass-fed.

Top 5 Reasons Quality Meat Is Vital For Pregnant Women - Beck & Bulow

4. Iron Is A Pregnant Woman’s Best Friend

Quality red meat contains much higher levels of iron than plant-based foods, and in particular the highly absorbable form known as heme-iron. Heme-iron is found only in meat and is unavailable to those following strict plant based diets.

Furthermore, meat actually allows the digestive tract to absorb iron from plant-based foods that would not otherwise be absorbable. Plant-based iron is usually “locked” making it impossible for us to absorb into the blood. Even small amounts of meat can assist in unlocking these iron sources and allowing them to move into the bloodstream.

Pregnancy creates an even greater demand for this essential mineral than normal, especially in the second and third trimesters. During pregnancy, the body actually has to produce new supplies of blood. Without adequate iron intake, there will be a shortage of red blood cells. If a woman is carrying more than one child, even more iron is needed. Morning sickness and other issues can arise as a result of a diet that is not supplying enough of this important nutrient.

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Grass-Finished Meat - The Iron Source For Pregnant Woman - Beck & Bulow

5. Organ Meat Has An Ancient History Of Supporting Pregnancy

In many ancient cultures, organ meat was reserved for the royal leaders and priests - those of the highest honor - and also for pregnant women. It’s been known since time immemorial that organ meat contains a super high concentration of nutrients that women need during pregnancy. If you’re not craving liver paté, don’t worry. We have some great options for you.

We offer a special Primal Blend with our ground bison as well as our grass fed ground beef that includes 20% heart, kidney and liver meat. It’s the perfect balance of including enough organ meat to receive significant benefits without sacrificing taste - when seasoned or served with toppings, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish from our regular ground meat.Top 5 Reasons Quality Meat Is Vital For Pregnant Women - Beck & Bulow

There’s also my personal favorite way of taking liver, because you get a concentrated dose of unprocessed liver meat (unlike when it’s dried and in capsules, where it inevitably loses some potency). Simply freeze the liver, then slice into pill sized pieces. Swallow as many as you like with water in the morning or as needed.