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Top 5 Reasons We Need To Get Rid Of Factory Farming

Top 5 Reasons We Need To Get Rid Of Factory Farming

At Beck & Bulow, we aim to steer as many people away from factory farming as possible. It’s no stretch to say that these major corporations are out of control and posing a major threat to our civilization. Although there is growing awareness about the issues with factory farmed meat, there are still a lot of people who continue to purchase and support the industrial farming industry. When you’re armed with knowledge, it’s easy to see why supporting small scale farms and meat companies is the best choice.

Top 5 Reasons We Need To Get Rid Of Factory Farming - Beck & Bulow

1. Factory Farmed Meat Is Detrimental To Our Health

Factory farmed meat affects people personally in a very direct way by harming their health. The meat from industrial farming facilities is laden with antibiotics, hormones and steroids due to the terrible conditions that the animals are kept in. This practice increases antibiotic resistance and prevents us from being able to effectively utilize these medicines when they’re truly needed. Hormones and steroids have extremely detrimental health effects on humans as well. Furthermore, this meat has a much higher cholesterol and unhealthy fat content than naturally raised meat. It’s also lacking in the vitamins and minerals that are obtained from grazing and foraging.

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Reason 1: Factory Farmed Meat Is Detrimental To Our Health - Beck & Bulow

2. They Treat Both Animals And Their Employees Inhumanely

Sadly, the factory farm industry preys heavily on the vulnerability of immigrant and low-income families. About three-quarters of workers were born outside of the United States, and approximately half are illegally employed. Because of this, many are grateful to find the seemingly easy employment opportunities offered by these massive slaughterhouses. The jobs are easy to obtain, and people are often desperate to find a way to provide income for their families. However, factory farm workers are at-will employees, meaning they can be fired at any time and for any reason. This makes it effectively impossible for workplace hazards and morally unacceptable practices to be reported.

Reason 2: They Treat Both Animals And Their Employees Inhumanely - Beck & Bulow

3. Choosing Ethical Meat Supports Local Economies

Avoiding purchasing meat from factory farming facilities helps to protect the livelihoods of small scale farmers and supports a sustainable local food economy. The truth is, a lot of people aren’t aware of where their food comes from or how far it travels to reach them. If we want ethically raised meat to gain real traction against industrial farming, we have to ensure that it is possible for people to make a living by producing it. Many rural areas depend on farming as their main source of income. When we make purchases, we’re voting with our dollars and deciding who enjoys monetary success and who experiences financial failure. In this way, we shape our world with what we choose to buy.

Reason 3: Choosing Ethical Meat Supports Local Economies - Beck & Bulow

4. Factory Farming Harms The Environment

Industrial farms leak massive amounts of chemicals and toxins into the surrounding environment. For one, these poisons leak into the ground, affecting the health of our soil. This has huge ramifications for the surrounding ecosystems and the future of humanity. Grazing animals are extremely beneficial to soil health, replenishing minerals and repairing damage and erosion. Unfortunately, factory farming also releases pollutants into our air and water. When we choose to support ethically sourced meat, we help to protect our water supply and our right to breathe clean and pure air.

Reason 4: Factory Farming Harms The Environment - Beck & Bulow

There was a point in history where millions upon millions of grazing animals traversed the land that we now live on. They actually play a major role in containing carbon emissions because their droppings trap carbon in the ground where it belongs. The absence of these grazing animals allows massive amounts of carbon to be released from the ground into the atmosphere.

5. It’s Our Responsibility To Make The Change

With all of the wild events of this year so far, it must be taken into account that factory farming is largely to blame for the transmission of diseases between animals and humans. It couldn’t be much more clear that this industry is a threat to the health of our society. We must take steps away from these practices in order to prevent future pandemics. On top of that, factory farming is a major contributing factor to climate change.

Big changes can happen with small steps, and that’s why our choices matter. We all have the power to make a difference whether it feels like it or not. When each one of us fully claims the power that we hold to change history, together we can move mountains. Factory farming is able to sustain itself because we the people enable this. The moment we stop providing our support, this industry will no longer be able to inflict harm on our planet.