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Facts About Bison - Besides The Healthy & Delicious Meat

Facts About Bison - Besides The Healthy & Delicious Meat

At Beck & Bulow, we have a heartfelt passion for bison. Because we’re proud to offer top quality bison meat delivered to your door, we love to talk about the benefits of eating this special meat. We also believe it’s important to share knowledge about the essence of these animals. There are many interesting aspects of what they do and how they live their lives. We strive to increase the population of these remarkable creatures to the vast numbers that once existed. One of the best ways to do this is to buy buffalo meat, which encourages more American farmers to raise bison.

Facts About Bison - Besides The Healthy & Delicious Meat - Beck & Bulow

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Premium Meat From Our New Mexico Buffalo Ranch

The ancestors of the modern-day bison roamed alongside woolly mammoths and saber-tooth tigers, surviving ice ages and traveling across the globe. Their origins have been traced to what is now southern Asia. They migrated to this land across ancient land bridges that once existed between the shifting continents. These prehistoric creatures were much larger than the bison we know today. There’s archaeological evidence suggesting that they had horns spanning nine feet from tip to tip!

The bison is the largest land mammal in the United States. Males are enormous, weighing up to 2,000 pounds and standing six feet tall. Females of the species are considerably smaller, at four to five feet tall and a maximum weight of 1,000 pounds. They can live to be up to 20 years old. Baby bison, called calves, weigh between 30 and 70 pounds at birth. Newborn calves have thick fur with a distinctive reddish orange color, earning them the affectionate nickname “red dogs”.

It takes a few months before they begin to turn brown, which is also when their horns and hump start to grow. The cows, as female bison are referred to, make pig-like grunts to communicate with their young. Male bison, known as bulls, make loud bellowing sounds during mating season that can be heard across long distances.

Facts About Bison - Besides The Healthy & Delicious Meat - Beck & Bulow

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Our Top Quality Bison Meat Comes From Local Butchers

These massive animals might seem calm and relaxed, and by nature they usually are. Although their eyesight is poor, they have excellent senses of smell and hearing. However, when it’s time for them to take action, these gentle behemoths have some moves that may surprise you. Bison can run at shocking speeds, up to 40 mph. That’s as fast as a racehorse, an animal known for its speed and athleticism - not to mention a much more aerodynamic appearance in comparison to these hulking, shaggy giants. Incredibly, bison can jump up to six feet in the air and possess impressive agility when threatened by predators.

They’re also great swimmers. It’s easy to underestimate the bison’s fierceness due to their typically docile appearance. For this reason, bison have been responsible for more injuries to visitors at Yellowstone National Park than any other animal. Although you should never approach any wildlife, a bison’s tail can indicate its mood. When the short, tufted appendage is hanging down, the bison is usually feeling calm. If their tail is standing straight up, watch out - they’re getting ready to charge. These beautiful animals should always be treated with respect and admired from a distance.

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Delicious Bison Meat Straight To Your Door

You may have wondered at some point why bison have the characteristic hump on their back. Besides giving a distinctive and handsome silhouette, the hump serves an important purpose. It’s made of muscle, rather than fat like the hump of a camel. It’s also supported by extra long vertebrae along the spine. This muscle mass makes the hump a functional part of the bison’s body.

Bison have a large, heavy head and horns used for defense against predators. The muscle mass is necessary to support this weight and provide strength behind their movements. The anatomy of the hump also allows them to use their huge heads as a snow plow during frigid plains winters. They swing their heads from side to side, clearing snow from the ground to reveal patches of sustenance.

Bison spend the majority of their day foraging, and eat vast amounts of grass, weeds and other leafy plants. The way that the bison’s hooves are shaped has the remarkable effect of aerating the soil they walk on. Since they forage over vast stretches of land and travel together in large numbers, this effect is quite far-reaching.

Their dung fertilizes the soil and traps carbon in the ground, preventing it from reaching the atmosphere. To add to all of that, their population once numbered around 30 million. Imagine the massive effect their herds must have had on the ecosystem way back when. After recovering from the brink of extinction during colonial times, there are approximately 500,000 bison in the United States today.

Facts About Bison - Besides The Healthy & Delicious Meat - Beck & Bulow

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Top Rated Bison Meat Sellers in Santa Fe, NM

When you buy buffalo meat from Beck & Bulow, you help to create a higher market demand for these amazing animals. This directly supports the growth of their population, something that we think is really exciting. We believe that when America is once more filled with abundant herds of bison, this land and all of its beings will experience a harmony that has not existed here for quite some time. In the meantime, we’re proud to offer top quality, consciously raised bison meat delivered to your door. Check out the rest of our website to browse our selection of grass-fed, grass-finished meat.