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Why I Absolutely Love My Job As A Beck & Bulow Employee

Why I Absolutely Love My Job As A Beck & Bulow Employee

Working at Beck & Bulow is by far my favorite job I’ve ever had. Years ago, I never could have imagined myself working for a meat company - I didn’t even eat meat! There’s so many unique things about our company that make it really special and truly fulfilling. The work we do has meaning and purpose and we’re all passionate about providing well sourced meat for the people.

Our butcher shop serves the local community here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and our website has a far greater reach allowing us to serve people all over the country. Read on to find out what makes Beck & Bulow such a great place to be employed.

Why I Absolutely Love My Job As A Beck & Bulow Employee

Because Eating Quality Meat Has Changed My Life

Did you know that almost every single person on our team has been vegetarian or even vegan at some point in their life? It was a huge turning point for me when I added meat back into my diet. My health, energy levels and overall well being have drastically improved. Even my focus I’ve also become really passionate about the ways that pasture raised animals positively affect the environment and ecosystems.

Since adding meat back into my diet, I feel more in harmony with the way we’re meant to eat and fit into the natural rhythm of life on our planet. Well sourced meat changes the entire narrative on what it means to consume and produce animal products. Our online meat delivery service makes this accessible to more people than ever.

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Why I Absolutely Love My Job As A Beck & Bulow Employee

We Get To Share This Life Changing Meat With So Many Others

The awesome thing about working in the butcher shop and writing blogs for the website is that I get to tell people all about the meat that we sell. Many people haven’t had the opportunity to try meat that comes from sources they can feel really great about. When I first started eating meat again, I searched for a local butcher in my area and came up empty handed.

Many people aren’t aware of the ways that responsibly sourced meat is different from factory farmed meat. For this reason, meat often gets a bad reputation as far as health, the environment and for being inhumane to animals. The truth is, quality meat is the complete opposite and I love getting to share that with people. This is what sets us apart as the best online meat delivery service.

Why I Absolutely Love My Job As A Beck & Bulow Employee

We Have Great Company Culture

Beck & Bulow has by far the most amazing company culture I’ve ever experienced. We have weekly yoga classes and we are all great friends. We often gather together for meals and celebrations. Not to mention, we have the best lunches I’ve ever had at a workplace - the Traeger that we sometimes place out front of the shop is often put to good use.

We certainly eat some epic meals at Beck & Bulow functions and we really enjoy our time spent together. There’s a lot of depth and richness within our company culture that has resulted in a passionate, unified team with great work ethic and inspired creativity. This gives a special quality to everything we offer as an online meat delivery service.

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Why I Absolutely Love My Job As A Beck & Bulow Employee

Because We Raise Our Bison

The connection our team has with the meat we sell goes beyond the benefits that it gives us and the great experiences we have eating it. We actually raise our bison and all of us go from the ranch from time to time to help take care of these majestic animals or simply to enjoy some quiet time with nature in beautiful northern New Mexico.

We reintroduced bison to an area of the country that hasn’t had a herd in over 100 years. Our bison roam 5,000 acres, completely free range and minimally handled. More so than any domestic cows, bison are wild animals regardless of the fact that ours are technically raised on a ranch and can be highly dangerous. We respect our bison and honor where our meat comes from.

Why I Absolutely Love My Job As A Beck & Bulow Employee

Because Our Meat Is Truly The Most Delicious

When it comes down to it, what people really remember about meat that they purchase is how it tasted. Our team is very proud of the fact that everything we offer is exceptional in flavor and texture, creating a memorable experience. I like to explain the taste of our meat to what you get when you buy a sun-ripened, farm grown tomato from the farmers market.

These tomatoes are absolutely bursting with flavor and nourishment compared to the mass produced tomatoes you can get at the grocery store. Meat is no different. What you find at the supermarket will pale in comparison to what we offer as the best online meat delivery service. Customers comment every day on how delicious everything is. Sharing meals is an important part of connecting with family and friends, and preparing something that tastes amazing can help make great memories.

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