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Men’s Health And Bison Meat: How It Can Help

Men’s Health And Bison Meat: How It Can Help

Bison are naturally very masculine creatures. Between their massive size, impressive strength, and the characteristic beard it’s easy to correlate the buffalo with enhanced manliness. In nature, the qualities things appear to embody are often representative of the health benefits they can provide. There’s many ways that incorporating bison meat can provide men with more vigor, strength and longevity.

Men’s Health And Bison Meat: How It Can Help - Beck & Bulow

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The relationship between man and bison is one that goes back to ancient times, and has some truly remarkable qualities. It’s simple and convenient to buy meat online from us, and know that you’re receiving the absolute best quality. We make it simple and convenient to have this treasure chest of nutrition delivered straight to your door. Since none of us at Beck & Bulow are doctors or scientists, the information included in this post should never be viewed as medical advice in any way.

Excellent Health Benefits From Eating Bison Meat

PROTEIN -- Bison is an amazing source of protein, containing about 17 grams in every four ounces of meat. The meat tends to be lean and has the advantage of being a whole, primal food. Guys on this planet have been consuming bison as a source of strength and energy for thousands of years. Men love protein, and for good reason. We all know how important it is for building muscle. Male humans need more of it than females because they have a larger amount of lean body mass.

Men’s Health And Bison Meat: How It Can Help - Beck & Bulow

There’s also reason to believe that this nutritional need comes from ancient times when men were hunters and consumed more meat, while women were gatherers and tended to consume more plants. Everyone ultimately would have consumed both types of food during those times. However, it seems likely that there would have been some differences in nutritional intake due to the way time was spent during the day. There’s research suggesting that as men age, they actually need more protein.

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Men over 50 who roughly doubled their recommended daily protein intake in studies were better able to build and maintain muscle mass. The most effective method for consuming protein is to include it multiple times throughout the day. Since we offer such a great variety of bison meat cuts, it’s easy to have some with each meal. There’s also our delicious buffalo jerky, perfect for taking on-the-go or in between meals. Jerky is nature’s original protein bar. There’s many athletes and nutritionists who believe it’s better to intake whole foods for protein rather than supplementing with powders. At Beck & Bulow, we find that it’s always better to keep things the way nature intended.

High Quality Bison Meat From Beck & Bulow

ORGAN MEAT / POWER BLEND -- Organ meat is something that many of us have some level of aversion to. However, these meats are one of the most nourishing foods in existence, and can be really delicious. Since men are statistically more susceptible to heart disease, certain nutrients are particularly important to consume. Organ meat supplies these vitamins and minerals in high concentrations. Did you know that consuming buffalo heart could help your own to become stronger and healthier?

Men’s Health And Bison Meat: How It Can Help - Beck & Bulow

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According to ancient cultures across the globe including traditional Chinese medicine and Native American wisdom, you should consume the organs you wish to heal. Since the heart is also a muscle, it tastes more like a steak than like an organ. This makes it a great one to start with if you’re new to eating organ meat.

Luckily, we recently started providing another great option for eating organs. Our primal power blend is a specially formulated mixture of ground bison meat with heart, kidney and liver. You can make burgers, tacos, and whatever else you might use ground bison for. It tastes like ground bison, not organ meat, and packs a powerful nutritional punch.

Order Fresh Bison Meat For Delivery

SEXUAL HEALTH -- Men’s sexual health can be boosted by organs too, especially the bison’s testicles. Known by the nickname Rocky Mountain oysters, they are tastier than you might expect. Bison oysters are super high in zinc, the mineral essential for producing testosterone and sperm. There’s also the energetic elements of consuming bison. When we eat meat, we assimilate the energy of the animal. That’s why it’s so important to choose the absolute best sourcing and quality available.

Our bison are essentially wild animals, with powerful primal instincts and vigorous, robust natures. It’s particularly potent for men to consume the meat raw, or minimally cooked. We recommend making a carpaccio or tartare from the bison tenderloin. Aside from being incredibly delicious, eating raw meat activates our primal nature and gets testosterone and adrenaline flowing.

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Beck & Bulow is proud to provide the highest quality service to buy meat online. We make it easy to provide the ultimate level of taste and nutrition for yourself and your family. We offer a wide variety of delicious steaks, ground meat, organs, sausages, our famous buffalo jerky, and more. Be sure to check out the other premium meats we offer including elk, wild boar, lamb, chicken, and grass-fed beef.

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