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You Should Know: The Truth About Factory Farm Workers

You Should Know: The Truth About Factory Farm Workers

Beck & Bulow has the highest standards for the way our animals are raised and treated. We know this allows us to increase the health and well-being of everyone who eats our meat. Our company philosophy comes from a deep respect for all life, and naturally this extends to our company culture and the treatment of our employees.

At Beck & Bulow, we’re a family, and we believe that these values have the capacity to ripple outward and change the fabric of our society. When you choose to buy meat from us, you support a truly conscious approach to buying steaks & meat online.

You Should Know: The Truth About Factory Farm Workers - Beck & Bulow

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You’ve probably heard about the horrors of factory farming, from the way the animals are treated to the detrimental effects on our planet. We’ve got plenty to say about those aspects of industrial agriculture. However, what you might not have heard about is the immense danger that factory farm employees are exposed to. In fact, there are many layers to why the treatment of employees is so corrupt in this unfortunate industry. The more we learn and educate others about the truth of factory farming, the more grateful we are to offer our ethical online meat delivery services.

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Sadly, factory farms prey on the vulnerability of immigrant and low-income families. About three quarters of workers were born outside of the United States, and about half are illegally employed. Because of this, many are grateful to find the seemingly easy employment opportunities offered by these massive slaughterhouses. The jobs are easy to obtain, and people are often desperate to find a way to provide income for their families.

However, factory farm workers are at-will employees, meaning they can be fired at any time and for any reason. This makes it effectively impossible for workplace hazards and morally unacceptable practices to be reported. We consider ourselves to be the best online meat company for many reasons, and relish every opportunity we get to take business away from these immoral companies.

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Workers become trapped by their need for income and knowledge that there are other people who would eagerly take their place out of need for employment. Because of the great poverty that they have endured, they are satisfied with very low pay, willing to work long hours and too afraid to report dangerous conditions and unethical practices. They are grateful for the work despite the fact that it is dangerous and poorly compensated.

The risk of injury on the job is very high, reaching 50% likelihood for employees that have worked for five years. This injury rate would be unacceptable at any other place of employment, but because it is never reported factory farms get away with it. The more you know about these places, the more attractive it becomes to order from reputable online meat stores like Beck & Bulow.

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You Should Know: The Truth About Factory Farm Workers - Beck & Bulow

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The risks taken by slaughterhouse workers are highly concerning and direct results of the stomach churning values of these factories. There are severe injuries suffered from use of the dangerous line equipment. Much of the slaughtering process is done by machines and employees are not well trained on safety. It’s incredibly easy to become injured when working with these machines created to cut apart huge animals.

Disturbingly, it’s not uncommon for someone to lose a finger and for it to not only go unreported, but wind up contaminating the meat. There have been many reports of human meat content included in factory farmed products. Additionally, long-term injury from repetitive motions and excessive physical labor is a certainty for workers who manage to stick it out. If this isn't an incentive to buy meat online from premium providers like us, we don’t know what is.

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Aside from the physical risks associated with working in factory farm facilities, there are many chemical and biological dangers. The animals that come to the slaughterhouse are often seriously ill and ridden with parasites and pathogens. Workers handle the carcasses and become exposed to contracting disease.

Furthermore, the air quality is extremely poor and employees’ lungs are filled with many poisons like ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. The problem is so severe that 70% of workers experience respiratory illness as a result of their work environment. When you support high quality meat from small businesses, you take a stand against these unacceptable conditions.

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Sadly, almost none of these workers have health insurance. Even if they did, many don’t have transportation and would not be able to take time off in order to see a doctor. These working conditions are inhumane and should have criminal consequences for the companies that keep them.

However, since employees are too afraid of losing their jobs, they are seldom reported. It’s a nasty cycle that can only be broken from outside the industry. It’s in the hands of consumers who can make the choice to vote with their dollar. We’re proud to provide fresh meat for delivery that you can feel good about.