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Vegan Meat: The Dirty Secrets Of This “Healthy” Alternative

Vegan Meat: The Dirty Secrets Of This “Healthy” Alternative

Let’s talk about vegan meat. That might seem like a weird subject to cover for a meat company like us, but it’s surprisingly relevant. Vegan meat has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Believed by many to be better for the environment and for their health, these meatless options have become widely available, even carried by mainstream fast food chains.

However, when you take a close look at what these meat substitutes are made of and where they come from, their appeal quickly disappears. We’re firm believers that grass fed & finished meat is what nature intended for humans to eat.

Vegan Meat: The Dirty Secrets Of This “Healthy” Alternative - Beck & Bulow

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The word vegan has become almost synonymous with something being healthy. However, especially as someone who used to be a strict vegan, I can assure you this isn’t true. Oreos are completely vegan. It seems like this association may have stemmed from the fact that there are so many health risks associated with consuming factory farmed meat.

Yes, meat that is cruelly raised, pumped full of antibiotics and steroids, and fed an unnatural, genetically modified diet is not good for us. However, there are so many health benefits of wild and pasture-raised meat that are almost never covered in the mainstream health conversation. We offer the highest quality, freshest flash frozen meat available for delivery nationwide.

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Sure, vegetables are healthy for you too - as long as they’re organic. Making your own veggie or bean burger patties at home out of organic and whole food ingredients certainly has health benefits. They’re tastier that way, too. But our bodies, and especially our brains, need pasture-raised meat. It’s essential for our mental function and general vitality.

And when it comes to mass-produced vegan meats, they’re definitely not made of organic, whole food ingredients. In fact, they’re full of many concerning substances and very hard on our digestive systems. The best route for health and our environment is ethically sourced meat. We make this amazing nutrient source available to everyone with mail order beyond organic meat.

Vegan Meat: The Dirty Secrets Of This “Healthy” Alternative - Beck & Bulow

Check the label of the most popular mass produced vegan burgers and you’ll find some highly processed and unnatural ingredients. They often contain processed protein additives, pea protein isolate is a common choice. These manufactured plant-based proteins are harder for our bodies to absorb than a whole food protein source. These fake meats also usually contain seed based oils, canola oil being the most commonly used, which are high in omega-6 fatty acids.

Although we need a certain amount of omega-6 fats, the mainstream American diet is much too high in these fats versus healthy omega-3’s. Pasture-raised meat contains a very healthy ratio with a much higher amount of omega-3 fats. When foods are too high in omega-6 fatty acids, they cause inflammation in the body leading to disease. Our meat delivery service makes it easy to receive optimal nutrition from a source you can trust.

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Beck & Bulow: Order Delicious Meat From Our Local Butchers

Soy is another common ingredient used for vegan meat. It’s not usually organic, either, and GMO soy has been shown to increase risks of cancer. This is because it contains proteins similar enough to oestrogen that it can really put your hormones out of whack. One prominent vegan meat company touts the realistic meat-like flavor of an ingredient called heme. They derive this substance from soy plants using GMO yeast.

Like many other processed foods, meat substitutes contain very high levels of sodium. This is a concerning factor for heart health. High sodium levels increase the amount of fluid in the body, increasing blood pressure and putting unnecessary strain on the heart. For pasture-raised, local meat delivery, check out our amazing selections.

Vegan Meat: The Dirty Secrets Of This “Healthy” Alternative - Beck & Bulow

Buy Flash-Frozen Wild & Pasture-Raised Meat Online

Many other mysterious ingredients make up these meatless products, such as “natural flavors”. Although this labeling lingo might lead you to believe that these additives are benign, natural flavors are actually synthesized in laboratories. Their chemical structure is no different than artificial flavors, and though they might originally come from natural sources, they are heavily processed and altered.

Even more concerning, this vague ingredient listing does not require information about what’s actually included to produce the flavors. We prefer putting our trust in nature to make our food flavorful the way it was meant to be. Our gourmet meat delivery has the taste, nutrition and high vibrational energy that will exceed your expectations.

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At Beck & Bulow, we know how much of a difference quality meat can make in life. We’ve seen and felt the difference for ourselves, and can’t wait for you and your family to experience it. Browse our premium selections of bison, elk, grass-fed beef, wild boar, lamb and chicken today. Eating meat that is good for the earth is a natural and ancient way of being. The more humans that choose this over factory farming and chemical-laden foods, the more progress we will see for our health and our planet.