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How To Make Your Own Prosciutto With Muscovy Hen Duck Breast

How To Make Your Own Prosciutto With Muscovy Hen Duck Breast

Did you know that you can make prosciutto out of almost any type of meat? Making prosciutto at home can be a fun and delicious hobby, and it’s easier than you think. Preparing this cured meat yourself is especially attractive if you don’t like to eat pork, which is by far the most common variety of prosciutto available in stores. Things always taste better when you create them with your own two hands. The nice thing about making prosciutto is that there’s very little time spent actually preparing the meat. Most of the time consists of simply hanging the meat to cure, and nature does all the work for you. Premium meat delivery straight to your doorstep will provide you with our delicious Muscovy hen duck breast, and the rest of the ingredients are likely already in your kitchen.

How To Make Your Own Prosciutto With Muscovy Hen Duck Breast - Beck & Bulow

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How To Prepare Delicious & Tender Muscovy Hen Duck Breast

Although you can make the prosciutto with just good quality sea salt and freshly ground pepper, adding herbs to the salt is a great way to add layers of flavor and customize your creation. To make a potent herbal salt, pulse the salt and fresh herbs of choice in a food processor until combined. Rosemary and thyme are popular choices, but you could also add juniper berries, bay leaves, coriander, or even a little bit of sugar for sweetness. Experiment with the flavor to suit your taste buds. With delicious duck breast available through our online meat delivery and a little creativity, you can make the most delicious prosciutto you’ve ever had. It makes a great addition to any recipe calling for prosciutto and is also great to give as a gift.

The curing process begins with immersing the duck breasts in salt for 24 hours in the refrigerator. The second step will involve wrapping the duck in cheesecloth and hanging for seven days (or more, if necessary). You want to hang the meat in a cool, dark and humid environment. Somewhere like a garage, wine cellar or an unused fireplace can work well. For this method, the ideal temperature is around 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Some people prefer to cure their duck prosciutto in the refrigerator, which may take a couple more weeks. With premium meat delivery from Beck & Bulow, you can feel great knowing that your prosciutto is made from the best quality meat available.

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How To Make Your Own Prosciutto With Muscovy Hen Duck Breast - Beck & Bulow

Whether you’re a seasoned chef who already knows and loves cooking duck breast, or you have yet to try duck, we’re confident that the Muscovy will win you over. Muscovy duck in particular has more of a red meat flavor than other domestic poultry you’ll encounter. Many compare the flavor to veal. Eating a perfectly prepared duck breast is much more reminiscent of eating a premium steak than enjoying typical white meat chicken breast. It’s quickly become a team favorite here at the shop and we’re excited to share this wonderful meat that is often overlooked or hard to find here in the United States. Order some with our online meat delivery service and we will ship it to your doorstep on dry ice.


  • 1 package Muscovy Hen Duck Breast, approximately 2lbs total
  • 4-6 cups sea salt or Redmond’s Real salt
  • 3-4 cups fresh rosemary or thyme, if desired
  • 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

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How To Make Your Own Prosciutto With Muscovy Hen Duck Breast - Beck & Bulow


  1. Make sure the duck breasts are completely thawed. Using a small, sharp knife, score the skin-side of each duck breast in criss-cross markings.
  2. Pour salt into a baking dish and nestle the duck breasts in. Make sure they have plenty of space and are not close enough to touch each other. Add more salt on top as necessary to cover the meat.
  3. Wrap the baking dish in plastic wrap or if it has a lid, close tightly. Place in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
  4. After 24 hours, take the duck breasts out of the salt, rinse and gently pat dry. The salt curing will make the meat darker in color and with less water content. Season the breasts on both sides with freshly ground black pepper.
  5. Wrap each breast individually in clean, dry cheesecloth. Tie with kitchen twine or string to make a bundle that you can hang. Let the duck hang and cure for 7 days to start with - you can add more time if needed. Make sure they’re hanging in a cool, dark and dry environment.
  6. You’ll be able to tell when the duck is finished curing because it will feel firm and dense with a dark red color. If the meat still feels squishy and raw in the center, continue to cure until they become firm.
  7. Store the duck breast prosciutto in a sealed container or freezer bag in the refrigerator. It stays good for a month or more when properly stored.