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The Ancient Origins of Sausages, Hot Dogs and Bratwursts

The Ancient Origins of Sausages, Hot Dogs and Bratwursts

Sausages are actually mentioned in the Odyssey, which is supposed to have taken place around 700 BC. However, some historians believe that the first sausage actually came on the scene at approximately the 1st century AD. According to legend, the discovery was made by a man named Gaius who was Emperor Nero’s cook. He was carving up a roasted pig, and upon inserting his knife found that it had not been cleaned properly internally before cooking.

To his surprise, the intestines came out but had become puffed up and hollow inside. He immediately was struck with the idea to fill the casing with ground meat and flavorful spices, and thus the sausage was born. To get the best meat you’ve ever had delivered straight to your door, order now from Beck & Bulow.

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The Ancient Origins of Sausages, Hot Dogs and Bratwursts - Beck & Bulow

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Over the centuries that followed the sausage spread across Europe, at some point making its way to Germany where it was enthusiastically adopted. In modern times, the hotdog is widely viewed as a food of German origin. Both the cities of Frankfurt and Vienna claim to have invented the iconic food. So, just what is the difference between hot dogs, bratwursts and sausages?

Basically, sausages could be considered to encompass both hot dogs and bratwursts. They’re simply meat and spices stuffed into a casing. Hot dogs usually contain meat that has been very finely ground to make it completely smooth. Check out our selections of quality meat, including bison hot dogs and bratwursts.

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Bratwursts are more coarsely ground, offering more texture to the meat on the inside of the casing. Hot dogs are usually skinnier, while brats are thicker. On top of that, they both have different spices that traditionally give them each a characteristic flavor. In many cases, the meat used in hot dogs is of far lesser quality than bratwursts.

However, when you order meat online from Beck & Bulow, this is never the case. Both our bratwursts and hot dogs are made with free range, grass fed pasture raised, ethically sourced American bison meat. They never contain any nitrates, MSG or preservatives. All of our meat is processed by master local butchers who are passionate about their craft.

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The Ancient Origins of Sausages, Hot Dogs and Bratwursts - Beck & Bulow

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German immigrants brought sausages to the New World in the 1800s, and it’s believed that the first hot dog sold in the United States was in New York out of a food cart sometime in the 1860s. These German hot dogs were at one time known as “dachshund sausages”, giving another layer of meaning to the phrase “hot dog dog”. Sometime in the 1870s, a man from Germany named Charles Feltman opened the first ever hot dog stand located on Coney Island. For the most delicious hot dogs you’ve ever tasted, place your order with the best online meat company.

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Beck & Bulow: The Quality Home Meat Delivery Service

This was the beginning of a longstanding tradition of hotdogs in this area. Ten years later, a sausage vendor in the St. Louis area was passing out free gloves to his customers so that they could comfortably hold the hot sausages. When he ran out of gloves one day, he began passing out the sausages inside white buns instead. It didn’t take long for hot dogs as we know them today to become a wildly popular ballpark staple. When you purchase meat online from Beck & Bulow, you can be confident that you’re going to receive exceptional quality.

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The hot dog didn’t become a widespread part of American culture until a Polish man named Nathan Handwerker opened up a stand competing with Charles Feltman’s on Coney Island. He had formerly been employed by Charles, and decided to venture out on his own with the knowledge he had gained. Nathan sold his hot dogs for half the price of his former boss, and as a result ended up running Charles out of business.

Nathan’s hot dogs became famous and the hot dog began to become a part of mainstream American culture. They even made their way to the White House when Eleanor Roosevelt served one to the Queen of England in 1939. Queen Elizabeth had never had or seen one before and was reported to have asked how one was supposed to go about eating them.

The Ancient Origins of Sausages, Hot Dogs and Bratwursts - Beck & Bulow

There’s no doubt about it, hot dogs are here to stay in the United States. However, they’re often made with meat that’s less than desirable in quality. All of us here at Beck & Bulow love the taste of a great hot dog or bratwurst, but aren’t willing to eat questionable meat. That’s why we’re thrilled to provide high quality, free range, grass fed New Mexican bison hot dogs and brats.

The hotdogs are classic in flavor. Our bratwursts come in two delicious varieties, hickory smoked and jalapeno cheddar. Customers tell us all the time that they’re the best they’ve ever had. Kids love them! Order quality meat online from Beck & Bulow and taste the difference for yourself.

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