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Why Flash Frozen Meat & Seafood Can Be BETTER Than Fresh

Why Flash Frozen Meat & Seafood Can Be BETTER Than Fresh

When people walk into our butcher shop, they’re often looking for fresh steaks. We do have these available and they’re fantastic. However, we’ve noticed that some are deterred from the frozen selections and seem to be under the impression that frozen meat is inferior.

We started out only offering flash frozen, cryovaced products and we know the ins and outs of why this is an excellent option for meat and seafood - and can be even better than fresh in many cases. When you get our frozen selections delivered to your doorstep or pick some up in person at the shop, you’re receiving the best quality meat and wild caught Alaskan seafood available. If you don’t believe us, ask our thousands of happy customers who absolutely love the frozen options.

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Why Flash Frozen Meat & Seafood Can Be BETTER Than Fresh - Beck & Bulow

So, why would anyone choose to purchase frozen meat and seafood over fresh? There’s many reasons why frozen, especially flash frozen and vacuum sealed meat and seafood have distinct advantages. For one thing, much of the “fresh” meat and especially seafood that you see in the grocery store has been previously frozen and thawed out for the display case.

Personally, I would much rather have quality meat that has been frozen at the peak of freshness and thaw it out when I’m ready to use it so that it has the best flavor, texture and nutrition possible. Not to mention, you then have the option of keeping it frozen. If you purchase thawed meat from the supermarket, you have to use it right away.

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Why Flash Frozen Meat & Seafood Can Be BETTER Than Fresh - Beck & Bulow

Now, let’s talk about seafood. Beck & Bulow is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I love living here - they sure don’t call it the land of enchantment for nothing. But there’s no denying that New Mexico is completely landlocked. We live in the desert, and seafood is simply not something that’s readily available. Anything that you find in stores has been shipped in and is nearly always previously frozen.

Unless you live by the ocean, frozen seafood is actually - dare I say - fresher than “fresh” seafood? We’re lucky to have wild caught Alaskan seafood that is flash frozen right on the docks at the peak of freshness. The quality is incredible and anyone who has tried our fish knows just how amazing it is.

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Why Flash Frozen Meat & Seafood Can Be BETTER Than Fresh - Beck & Bulow

One of the best things about flash frozen meat and seafood is its longevity. Our cryovaced packaging keeps whatever is inside perfectly preserved for a minimum of two years in the freezer and two weeks in the refrigerator. If your schedule is jam packed like mine, you’ll love the freedom this gives from not having to worry about things spoiling before you get a chance to cook the amazing meal you had in mind. It also makes it easy to have a well stocked freezer full of meat that’s easy to thaw. I love having tons of options available to cook and knowing that there’s an abundance of quality meat in my kitchen waiting to be enjoyed.

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Why Flash Frozen Meat & Seafood Can Be BETTER Than Fresh - Beck & Bulow

One of the most common questions we get is how to thaw frozen meat selections. There’s a couple ways to do this. If you’re not planning on cooking the meat for a day or two, you can just place the package in the refrigerator. At the beginning of each week I like to move several items from my freezer to the fridge so that they’ll be ready to go for weeknight dinners. But what if you want to cook something right away? That’s another awesome thing about cryovaced packaging. You can simply submerge the entire package in water, and most steaks and fish fillets will be completely thawed within 20-30 minutes.

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Why Flash Frozen Meat & Seafood Can Be BETTER Than Fresh - Beck & Bulow

Explore our wide variety of flash frozen bison, beef, elk, venison, wild boar, pork, poultry, wild caught Alaskan seafood and more. Check out the website or swing by the shop for a tour - we’d love to see you! As previously mentioned, we do have fresh options available that our butcher cuts by hand daily. He always makes sure to cryovac a few of everything in the fresh case so that the option is available to keep in your refrigerator for longer, or toss in the freezer for later.

At Beck & Bulow, we never sacrifice quality and constantly strive to offer the most delicious, nourishing and ethically sourced meat and seafood. Keeping your freezer stocked and your loved ones well fed is our passion. Meat that’s good for the earth, good for the animals and great for you can be either fresh or flash frozen - and you’ll never find it lacking in quality.

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