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Lamb: One Of The Most Ancient & Symbolic Meats We Eat

Lamb: One Of The Most Ancient & Symbolic Meats We Eat

Humans and sheep have a long history, going back to ancient times. Sheep were among the first animals to be domesticated at around 10,000 BC. These animals were actually the ancestors of sheep, called mouflons. Researchers believe that they may have been the first livestock to be kept for their meat.

Historians believe that there were most likely three separate domestication events in the Fertile Crescent, specifically in Mesopotamia. Nowadays these areas are known as Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq. There is some speculation that domestication came in part from the overhunting of wild sheep. High quality lamb meat has long provided life-giving nutrition to humans.

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Lamb: One Of The Most Ancient & Symbolic Meats We Eat - Beck & Bulow

Order Fresh Lamb Meat Online From Beck & Bulow

As a result of selective breeding, the wool of domesticated sheep never stops growing. There was once a case of an escaped sheep who lived in a cave for six years in the wild. By the time he was found, he had grown enough wool to make twenty mens suits. One domestic sheep can produce up to thirty pounds of wool per year, although it depends on the breed.

Because they are a vulnerable prey animal, sheep have evolved to have incredible eyesight. They have nearly 360 degree vision with incredible perception. For reference, humans only have about half of this degree of peripheral vision. Several United States presidents were known to raise sheep, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. At Beck & Bulow, we continue this American tradition by providing premium quality lamb meat for delivery.

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Sheep have long held meaning as symbols across cultures worldwide. They provided a wealth of resources for humans, and continue to in modern days. Prized for their meat, milk and wool, they are known as a symbol of abundance. You can experience this ancient form of sustenance today by ordering our delicious lamb meat online. from Across many times and places throughout history, a man’s wealth could be measured by the number of sheep he possessed.

Sheep hold strong symbolic significance in the Bible. Lambs are a symbol of purity and innocence, presumably because of their intrinsically gentle nature and white color. They are known to be meek and peaceful. The sweet and pure baby lamb is widely recognized as a symbol of Christ and self-sacrifice.

Premium Pasture Raised Lamb Meat For Home Delivery

Because of their trusting nature, they would go willingly to be slaughtered. Sheep are mentioned over 500 times in this holy book, and their importance is twofold. For one, they were extremely important to the lives of humans at the time. Many people at the time led nomadic lives based around keeping sheep, and they were absolutely essential for agriculture.

Nowadays, lamb meat that comes from pasture-raised animals continues to benefit our ecosystems. When you order lamb meat online from Beck & Bulow, you know that it’s raised above and beyond organic standards. Our lamb is pasture raised by the native Maori people in the breathtakingly beautiful foothills of Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand.

Lamb: One Of The Most Ancient & Symbolic Meats We Eat - Beck & Bulow

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Lamb Meat For Sale Online From Beck & Bulow

There is a wealth of Biblical symbolism around the relationship between shepherds and their flocks. The sheep followed their shepherd for protection, and knew the sound of his voice. This also represents the relationship between humans and the Lord. These animals that in modern days may often be taken for granted are a true gift deserving of respect and honor.

At Beck & Bulow, we take pride that all of our meat is above and beyond in quality, from the places the animals are raised to the way they are butchered. In your search for the best place to buy meat online, look no further than our premium selections.

Beck & Bulow: Your Premium Online Meat Suppliers

When you order lamb meat online from us, you may be unfamiliar with ways to include this excellent item in your diet due to its lower levels of popularity in America. Luckily, there’s tons of delicious options for preparing lamb, and it’s easy to include in a large variety of simple, flavorful meals. Lamb burgers are one of our favorite quick dinners and adding a couple simple spices to the patties is all it takes to make them really delectable.

Lamb: One Of The Most Ancient & Symbolic Meats We Eat - Beck & Bulow

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Try meatballs seasoned with rosemary, oregano and thyme for a mouthwatering Mediterranean flavor. Leg of lamb and rack of lamb are also simple to make, requiring minimal seasonings to showcase the rich flavors of our top quality lamb meat. It pairs well with exotic flavors, making it a great choice for Indian and Middle Eastern recipes. Try it in flavorful curries, seasoned with spices like cumin and coriander. Browse our large variety of excellent selection available for premium mail order meat packages of any size.