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What Makes New Zealand Raised Lamb Meat The Best Choice

What Makes New Zealand Raised Lamb Meat The Best Choice

It’s no secret that Americans are constantly purchasing and eating beef, chicken and pork. However, a lot of people in this country aren’t eating lamb meat regularly. In fact, Americans currently eat on average only about a pound of lamb per year. This is a huge difference from other countries like Australia, New Zealand and certain parts of the Middle East and Mediterranean. For many people across the world, lamb is a diet staple and widely loved for its great taste and rich nutritional value.

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What Makes New Zealand Raised Lamb Meat The Best Choice - Beck & Bulow

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However, the demand for lamb meat in America is on the rise. Our customers have been asking for us to provide well sourced lamb with the excellent quality we always deliver. Our lamb is pasture raised by the native Maori people in the breathtakingly beautiful foothills of Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand.

The Maori have been raising lamb for millenia, and know how to do so in ways that are kind to the earth. The lamb we source is consistent and premium in quality, low waste and supremely tender and flavorful. When you order lamb meat online from Beck & Bulow, it’s the absolute best in every way.

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Lambs in New Zealand graze on some of the world’s most lush and nutrient rich pastures. The country enjoys a unique, subtropical climate that encourages animals and plants alike to flourish. New Zealand has some of the best conditions in the world for raising lamb, which might explain why their population outnumbers humans. Cultural traditions in New Zealand make it the industry standard to raise meat humanely and naturally.

New Zealand lamb is grass fed throughout its life, unlike American lamb which is often grain finished to encourage larger size and higher body fat percentage. New Zealand lambs are smaller in size, because they were allowed to grow and develop the way nature intended. This grass fed & finished meat is the ultimate in delicious taste and easy cooking.

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What Makes New Zealand Raised Lamb Meat The Best Choice - Beck & Bulow

The typical practice in New Zealand is to slaughter lambs at a slightly younger age, making the meat more tender with better flavor. They have stricter labeling requirements for lamb meat than the United States. For meat to qualify to be labeled as lamb, the animals must be younger than 12 months and without their adult incisors.

America doesn’t have any labeling restrictions on age, so the meat you’re getting may be from older animals. With sheep, this means less desirable flavor and less tenderness. For the most delectable lamb you’ve ever had, place your order for delivery from the best online meat company.

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Because of their natural, humane ways of raising meat, New Zealand livestock is far less likely to experience disease. This means that farmers have to spend less money maintaining their animals. Furthermore, the abundance of green pastures make keeping sheep uncomplicated and cost effective.

For these reasons, New Zealand lamb tends to be lower in price than the same meat sourced from America or other countries. This is not at all because it’s lower in quality. In fact, it’s much higher in quality - but lower in cost due to the harmony of raising animals in nature. It’s easier than ever to order grass fed meat for delivery to your doorstep.

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New Zealand lamb farming leaves behind a very small carbon footprint, which is one of the many reasons we source from there. Of course, we have to take the shipping into consideration. However, this only accounts for 5% of the carbon footprint - and the rest is so efficient that it easily offsets this energetic cost.

The unique climate makes sustainable farming practices easy, and pastures are green year round. Sheep are able to forage and flourish on fields that are not adequate for cattle, and improve the soil quality of the land they graze. Like all of our meat, this lamb is hand cut by master local butchers.

What Makes New Zealand Raised Lamb Meat The Best Choice - Beck & Bulow

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At Beck & Bulow, we’re committed to providing the most carefully sourced, highest quality products. You can be confident that the meat you order online will be the most delicious as well as the healthiest.

We know that when animals are raised in harmony with the rhythms of nature, the meat that is produced is truly excellent in quality. We invite you to browse our premium selections of bison, grass fed beef, elk, wild boar, lamb and chicken. Place an order for delivery straight to your door, and taste the difference for yourself.