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Top 4 Reasons That It’s A Great Idea To Eat More Bison

Top 4 Reasons That It’s A Great Idea To Eat More Bison

Our company was founded on the American bison, and although we’ve expanded our offerings to include many selections, we have a special place in our hearts for these animals. There’s lots of reasons to include more bison meat in your diet, and these are my top four. Whether you already know how much you love to eat bison or are getting ready to try it for the first time, get ready to enjoy the many wonderful aspects of eating this truly American meat.

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Top 4 Reasons That It’s A Great Idea To Eat More Bison - Beck & Bulow

1. It’s Incredibly Delicious, Tender & Never Gamey

Of course, the most obvious reason for most people to eat more bison is that it tastes absolutely delicious. If you’ve never eaten bison before, you’re probably curious what it tastes like. The simple answer is that if you like the flavor of beef, you’re going to absolutely love bison. It’s very similar, but with a slightly sweeter taste. It’s naturally leaner and also more tender. It has no “gamey” flavor whatsoever.

The key to preparing delicious bison is not to overcook it. It always needs to be cooked less than you would typically cook the same cut of beef. When cooked too much, bison will become tough - we always recommend cooking to medium rare for the ultimate flavor and texture. From premium steaks to fajita meat to burgers, any dish you’re used to cooking with beef will be amazing when prepared with bison.

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2. Eating Bison Is Extremely Healthy

Bison meat is very high in essential minerals such as iron, zinc and selenium. One 4 oz portion offers 13% of the daily value of iron, 31% of the daily value of selenium and 35% of the daily value of zinc. Iron plays an important role in the production of red blood cells. These cells are, of course, vital for our bodies to function properly. They’re the main vehicle for oxygen to travel throughout the bloodstream.

Health benefits of eating bison meat - Beck & Bulow

During these chaotic modern times, we need our oxygen levels to remain high more than ever. Selenium helps to fight stress in the body, preventing imbalances between free radicals and antioxidants. This helps to prevent disease of many kinds. Zinc directly supports the immune system and can help our bodies to fight off illness more quickly and effectively. Regular, healthy intake of zinc helps wounds to heal more quickly and promotes new cell growth.

If you’re looking for protein, bison meat will not disappoint you. It’s an incredibly protein dense food supplying 17 grams per 4 oz serving. It’s considered an excellent source of protein and well loved in the fitness industry for packing such a muscle building punch while remaining very low in fat and calories.

In addition to building muscle, protein is necessary for our bodies to rebuild tissue, maintain healthy hormone levels and transport nutrients. When you see how strong and robust these animals are, it’s not surprising that eating bison meat can help to make us more muscular and resilient.

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3. Eating Bison Meat Helps Increase The Bison Population

When we increase the demand for bison, we encourage more American farmers to raise them, increasing the number of herds and genetic diversity. The more people that make the choice to purchase bison meat, the higher their population numbers will soar.

There once were as many as 60 million bison roaming the plains of North America, and during colonial times their numbers were essentially decimated. We hope to see the population reach 1 million during our lifetimes. Bringing the bison population closer to what it was years ago could bring untold benefits to this land, taking us back to a state of balance that we have never known in modern times.

Why you should include bison meat in your regular diet? - Beck & Bulow

4. Grazing Bison Are Vital For Healthy Soil

There’s a staggering amount of carbon stored in the soil. In fact, it’s more than is contained in the atmosphere and all of the plant-life on earth, combined. The more carbon we keep in the soil, the better. If the carbon stays in the ground, it’s not being released into the atmosphere where we don’t want it.

The huge amount of bison that at one time roamed free across this country played a huge role in trapping carbon in the ground. In-ground carbon gives us richer soil, abundant and nutritious crops, cleaner water, and prevents soil erosion. Grazing animals provide biodiverse fertilizer in the form of dung, creating a protective layer on top of the soil that traps carbon underneath. That’s right, pasture raised meat from grazing bison is actively beneficial for the environment.

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Dung from grass-fed animals is flawlessly designed by nature to add all of the microbes and nutrients the soil needs. Effective fertilizer requires nitrogen, and grass-fed animals are by far the best source. When we produce artificial fertilizers, nitrogen has to be mined requiring the use of fossil fuels.

These synthetic products throw off the nutrient balance of the soil, release excess carbon into the air during production, and reduce the carbon trapped beneath the ground. The natural rhythm of life provides the soil with everything it needs. All we have to do is stop supporting industrial feedlots and raise meat the way we’re supposed to.