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The Beck & Bulow Philosophy: Why We Do What We Do

The Beck & Bulow Philosophy: Why We Do What We Do

Like everyone else, we want to be healthy and live long and happy lives. We’ve all heard the endless trends and fads on eating that supposedly will give us these desirable things. It can be really hard to know what’s valid and what’s not, especially when this information changes over the years - sometimes doing a complete 180 on what we formerly believed to be true. That’s why we like to stick with ways of being that have withstood the test of time. Eating meat that’s raised naturally, honored and treated with respect is a tradition that goes back millenia. More than a tradition, it’s an instinct - one that our modern society has become largely disconnected from.

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The Beck & Bulow Philosophy: Why We Do What We Do

Not All Meat Is Bad For The Environment

Because of factory farming, our culture has become inundated with the program that eating meat is ignorant, cruel and destructive. Yes, these are all accurate perceptions of the reality of industrialized meat. When this notion expands to inaccurately include all meat, regardless of sourcing, it is a gross misconception. There are myriad ways that grazing animals like bison are vital for the wellbeing of our ecosystems. Soil health and carbon emissions are significantly affected by a lack of grazing animals. There were once as many as 60 million bison roaming the American plains, and during colonial times their population dwindled to around 500, narrowly avoiding extinction through conservation efforts from Native American tribes and the government.


Bringing The American Buffalo Population Back

These days, the American bison population numbers around half a million. Still a far cry from the days when stampeding herds could literally make the plains rumble and shake. Although it may seem counter-intuitive at first, eating bison meat is one of the only things you can do to help there be more bison. When demand for bison meat rises, more ranchers decide to raise herds, which provides much needed genetic diversity.

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The Beck & Bulow Philosophy: Why We Do What We Do

Increasing the population of this keystone species could return this land to a balance that none of us living in modern times have ever known. How far reaching the effects might be, we will only know for sure once we have achieved our goal. This is an endeavor that will span generations. As for our lifetime, we hope to see the bison population double in size, reaching one million.

We believe that the proverbial saying, “You are what you eat,” holds a lot of wisdom. So much meat available for purchase was raised in cruel conditions, living in fear and weakened by disease. Humans were never meant to eat meat raised in this way and there is ample research to show the detrimental effects of consuming factory farmed meat. When you eat robust animals that are raised in harmony with their natural instincts, it’s easy to imagine the benefits.


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Meat is traditionally considered very important for warriors and warrior societies. Although most of us are not engaging in physical battle these days, it’s easy to underestimate the energetic toll that the stress and chaos of the modern world has on us. Quality meat that is wild or ethically raised can give us the strength we need to rise up to the challenges of these unprecedented times. In more scientific terms, there is a huge difference in the nutritional content of meat that’s raised industrially and meat that’s raised naturally. Grass fed meat is lower in total fat yet higher in omega-3’s, and much higher in vitamins and minerals.

The Beck & Bulow Philosophy: Why We Do What We Do

Human Connection And Focus On Community

Sharing food is an age-old way for humans to experience connection and bonding. As civilization has developed and evolved, this primal instinct has remained. In modern times, meat delivery services are an integral part of the supply chain to provide ethically sourced meat to Americans. We value the ways that our role comes from the deep roots that neighborhood butchers had in the fabric of American communities. We believe that by steering people away from factory farmed meat, we help restore connection to where food comes from and how it arrives on our kitchen tables.

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Our focus on human connection and community is what makes our team so personable and enjoyable to interact with. We love that people who come to our brick and mortar location leave feeling like family, and that anyone who calls gets connected immediately with someone on our team right here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In every way that the factory farming industry has turned eating meat into something that is unnatural, at Beck & Bulow we seek to offer the remedy.